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Hotel Key Cards: Magnetic Stripe & RFID

Custom Hotel Key Cards are a highly visible vehicle to deliver important messages that you want guests and event attendees to remember. These interactive products are often viewed 5 – 10 times per day – we try to help you get the most out of those impressions!  Don’t miss a great chance to be seen and remembered!

Hotel Key Cards

Some examples of uses for the hotel key cards include:

  • Hotel Branding: Add a photo of the hotel, describe your special amenities, or just be sure it has your phone number to take their next reservation! The hotel key card is often the one reminder your guests will take with them so they remember their experience at your hotel.
  • Conferences/Trades Shows: hotel key cards are a great way to show booth location, product information, or trade show messages. We offer an economical means to customize any event held at your property.
  • Meetings: Hotel key cards are a great way to provide meeting highlights, meeting agendas, or key meeting messages that need to be re-enforced.
  • Training: Use the key card to summarize the key elements of the training session.
  • Other: This space can be used for product launches, as well a stylish way for bridal parties to include their guests in this special event.

All of our key cards are manufactured following ISO standards, so our quality is top notch. We work with all major key card lock systems including: Onity/Tesa, Saflok, and Ving.  We can produce both CR-80 (credit card size) and CR-50 (slightly thinner), as well as lo-co, hi-co and other magnetization levels.  We also provide the latest RFID Key Cards (excluding Ving).

We offer you a choice of hotel key cards for your daily use at different price points, so that you can choose a hotel key card that matches your need:

Standard Hotel Key Cards

We offer about 10 stylish designs that can be used at any hotel, at any time. Click here to download the available key card style PDF.  We also offer blank RFID key cards and one generic RFID key card design.

Standard Hotel Key Cards

Hotel Logo/Branded Key Cards

We offer key cards for almost every major hotel brand.  These key cards typically carry the logo, a reservation phone number and a web site.

Branded Key Cards

Custom Hotel Key Cards

This is where we can really help you.  We offer free graphics assistance to develop a look and feel unique to your hotel.  This could include photos, logos, and many other enhancements that make this key special for your hotel and your guests. We take great pride in the key cards we have developed for our customers. We love to share our ideas and experiences to make this a winning memento!  We offer these in both magnetic (both CR-80 and CR-50 styles), as well as RFID key cards.

Custom Key Cards 2

RFID Key Cards

We provide high quality RFID Key Cards which is a newer technology in the hospitality industry.  RFID Key Cards make it easier for the guest, as they are contact-less – just wave in front of the lock to open the door.  The RFID Key Cards are more expensive than traditional magnetic stripe key cards, but the user convenience and longer life / less maintenance is why many hotels are going this route.  We work with all major RFID systems, with the exception of Ving, which makes it hard for outside vendors to work with their locks.  We also supply RFID wristbands and Fobs which allow the guest to carry their “key” with them anywhere they go in style!

Colored Cards

We offer a variety of colors for your key cards.  These can be used as employee cards, special guests, or use a bright color for your everyday key cards!

Colored Cards

Players cards

We help provide casinos with special cards for their special guests.

Players Cards

Other Key Cards: ID Cards

We have also helped out customers with ID cards for employees, as well as “all access” keys.

We also are going green – see our web page for more details on these cards.

Please contact us for more information, we are more than happy to discuss your needs.

Biz Tip #4: Hotel Key Cards: interesting uses!

IHG unveils the Holiday Inn ‘Key Card Hotel’.

Source : Intercontinental Hotels group

IHG unveiled the Holiday Inn ‘Key Card Hotel,’ the first-ever hotel made of key cards in New York City, to mark the relaunch of 1,200 Holiday Inn hotels globally. The 37-square-metre hotel was made from more than 200,000 key cards and weighs 1814 kilograms.

See: http://www.4hoteliers.com/4hots_nshw.php?mwi=6359 for photos and additional information.

Turn an Old Hotel Room-Key Into an iPhone Stand

by Rick Broida (from http://blogs.bnet.com/businesstips/?p=5125)

iPhones, iPod Touches, and various smartphones are great for watching movies and TV shows on planes and trains, but some kind of stand is absolutely essential. (Take it from someone who’s spent two hours holding his iPhone at an upright angle.)

If you still have your hotel room-key floating around in your pocket, you can pull a Macgyver move and turn it into a solid, stable iPhone stand.

Instructables has the instructions, but there’s nothing terribly tricky about this: Just fold the card into the shape shown in the photo. (This should also work with any similar piece of plastic, such as a used Starbucks card or gift card.) You may have to fiddle a bit with the folds to get just the right viewing angle, and not all cards will stay in their folded positions.

Hotel Key Card iPhone Stand

But in a pinch, this is a perfect way to prop up your phone. And it’s a lot sturdier than the business-card stand. Plus, you get the satisfaction of using that room key for something practical instead of just tossing it into a landfill.

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