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Hotel Key Folders / Hotel Key Card Sleeves

Hotel Key Jackets, Hotel Key Card Sleeves and Hotel Key Folders are the first thing a guest sees when checking in and is a highly visible item.  These sleeves folders range2products also contain all kinds of important information about the hotel : check-out times, car rental info, room service & directory numbers, traveler’s safety tips and restaurant & tourist attractions.

Please contact us for pricing, as there can be great variation depending on style, number of colors and quantity you will be ordering.   We can work with you in a variety of ways to fit your budget.

As with our hotel key cards, we also offer our hotel clients a great deal of choice here too:  Key Folders come in 2 standard sizes (and we can do custom sizes), Hotel Key Card Sleeves come in a few varities as noted below.

Key Card Pockets / Key Card FoldersKey Card Folders

These are the folders that hold the hotel key card and any other hotel information with a pocket. We offer both 1 and 2 pocket styles and have a several sizes to choose from.  Of course, as with all of our products, we can customize these for you.  We offer two primary sizes: 3 1/2″ x 6″ and 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″, other sizes have a small die charge.


Hotel Key Card Sleeves

We offer two varieties of Hotel Key Card Sleeves : one our economical version and also a higher end version.  With the economical All Key Sleeves2version, we offer both custom and generic versions of the Hotel Key Card Sleeves offering a great way to fill our customer’s needs.  The high end version is on higher end paper and can include photos and other colorful designs.

Please contact us and so we can assist you in choosing the Hotel Key Card Sleeves that is right for you.



Integrated Hotel Key Card Sleeves and area map/property map

We offer an integrated map and key sleeve for our clients.  This is a great way to cover two pieces of collateral into one!
Hotel Key Card Map

For all the Hotel Key Folders/sleeves we offer a variety of sizes, as well as offer a variety of hotel chains; though we do have some standard sizes that help reduce cost.  We also offer our graphics services at no cost to help you develop a look and feel, as well as give you lots of ideas about how to best utilize this item.  When we help with your hotel key cards and key card folders, we can really add some impact.

Please contact us for pricing or ideas on how to make this a big hit with your guests!  We understand budget needs and business needs and how to balance the two.