June Sale: Postcards and Your Hotel

Who among us, doesn’t remember sending a postcard to friends or family featuring the hotel you stayed at during a memorable trip?  Postcards, among the oldest of travel marketing to this day remain a viable investment for hotels. Since their inception in the late 1870’s postcards have been a favorite way to share travel experiences.  Even today,...

May Sale: Tres de Mayo Celebration at Front Desk Supply

Front Desk Supply always likes to get ahead of the curve.  So instead of celebrating Cinco de Mayo with the rest of the crowd, Front Desk Supply is celebrating Tres de Mayo!  (That’s the Third of May for all of your gringos out there!).   “This May we are celebrating over 10 years of serving our loyal hospitality customers,” said Mark Zisek,...

The Evolving Role of Promotional Items for Your Hotel

April 19, 2018 - - It’s been said that people are creatures of habit and travelers even more so.  A 2013 New York Times article stated that upward of 20 percent of a hotel’s travelers can contribute up to 60% of the revenue.  (NYT, October 7, 2013 “Hotels Go The Extra Length for Repeat Customers”).  Many of these frequent travelers stay more than...

Is Your Hotel Ready for Spring Break?

March 9, 2018 - - March Madness and Spring Break are right around the corner!  Is your Hotel Ready? This month Millions of new travelers will be spreading their wings and hitting the tournaments, the beaches and just about any other vacation hotspot.  This means many of your front desk supplies will be depleted at a higher than normal consumption...

Do Not Disturb Signs in Today’s World

February 19, 2018 - - Front Desk Supply, a leading supplier to the hotel industry is helping lead the conversation on the future of Do Not Disturb signs after the tragic shooting in Las Vegas. “Let’s face it - - good customer service is ingrained in the hospitality industry” said Mark Zisek, Front Desk Supply’s Director of Commercial Operations....


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