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All independent and boutique hotels wanting to adapt their practices to be more environmentally friendly can begin by implementing eco-friendly hotel supplies. Front Desk Supply offers magnetic and RFID key cards, do-not-disturb signs, pens, and notebooks with environmentally friendly materials.

The Front Desk Supply Eco-friendly program is designed to provide hotels with options for sustainable products by focusing on recycled materials and non-PVC options. This program reflects our core value of customer obsession and aligns with our hospitality customers’ goal to reduce their environmental footprint.

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Recycled Materials

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Seeded Paper

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Teslin ® and PVC

Eco-Friendly Wood Products for Hotels


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Eco-Friendly Hotel Supplies

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RFID Hotel Key Cards

Eco-Friendly RFID key cards open hotel doors when the card is brought close to the reader. Key card options are made of recycled PVC, compressed paper/pulp or of wood.

Magnetic Hotel Key Cards

Eco-Friendly Magnetic cards open hotel doors when the card is swiped or inserted in the reader. Cards are made of recycled PVC or Teslin® with recycled polyester laminate.

Do-Not-Disturb Signs

Eco-Friendly Do-Not-Disturb, and other hotel, signs are made with Teslin®, Hard Wood and Wood Veneer, or veneer. These upgraded hotel signage signal luxury, opulence, and care for the environment.

Custom Hotel Pens

Guests can enjoy Eco-Friendly custom pens, useful for work, jotting down useful information, or collecting as souvenirs. Pens are made of recycled plastic.

Eco-Friendly Notepads

Made of recycled paper that does not contain chlorine or acid. Perfect for both hotel staff and guests.

Eco-Friendly Key Card Sleeves and Folders

Perfect for convenience, maintenance and brand recognition. Made of recycled paper or seeded paper – a popular and beautiful eco-friendly material.

Eco-Friendly Products FAQ

Are Eco-Friendly products of worse quality than traditional products?

No. Eco-friendly products look and feel beautiful and will work just as well as traditional products.

Is it expensive to switch to eco-friendly hotel supplies?

Different supplies have different ranges in price difference. Many eco-friendly products have little to no increased cost from traditional products.

What are eco-friendly hotel supplies made of?

Many eco-friendly products are made of recycled materials, including plastic, paper, recycled PVC, wood, and recycled polyester. Some products, including DND signs and key cards may be made from Teslin® with recycled polyester laminate.

What is Teslin®?

Teslin® is a synthetic paper with a reputation of being environmentally friendly.

Can I customize eco-friendly products?

Yes! We offer free design services for custom products.

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