Upon checking in and being greeted by a warm, friendly staff, guests are guided to their hotel room with their key card in hand. Tucked into a key card folder or sleeve, these are the first and last items they will use on their stay. 

These two important items are a blank canvas for boutique hotels to create a memorable design that will catch the eyes of their guests. 

At Front Desk Supply, we have been helping independent and boutique hotels create noteworthy designs for key card holders and sleeves for years. From stunning photos to minimalistic designs, we know how to capture each hotel’s personality. 

If you are looking to customize your hotel’s key card sleeves and holders, reach out to us, and our team will be happy to assist you.  

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Room keys are a great place for your boutique hotel to be creative through unique branding, on-site activities, and promotions. With key card holders, you can take this vision even further and provide something that your guests will not miss. 

We gathered a few of our favorite eye-catching designs we have created for our clients: 

Bold Statement

Is there something meaningful you want your guests to remember about your key card holders? Whether it is an impactful statement or important information, these card holders can embody your desired message with big, bold lettering. As they open their holder to grab their key, their eyes will be drawn to your personal message. 


Picture Perfect

In most instances, guests are drawn into a wonderful hotel stay because of the activities and views available around them. Many independent and boutique hotels are located in beautiful parts of the world, which allows them to use their gorgeous outdoor views to their advantage. A minimalistic design for a key card can be paired with a dynamic key holder that gives guests a glimpse of what their experience will be like through photos. It is also a great way to ensure the guests remember the views and what makes the hotel special.


Bright And Branded

A great way to catch the eyes of your guests is with color. As they stash away their key card and card holder into their wallet or purse, it can get easily lost in the mix of other items. Prominent colors will help them find their card more easily; it also will attach a memory with it too. It is well known that colors and emotions are closely linked. Your room key cards can evoke excitement and positivity through uplifting and bright colors.


Professionally Sleek 

Each boutique hotel has its own personality and feel that inspire guests to book a stay. If your hotel is known for its poise and polished reputation, your key card holders should reflect that. These folders are designed to feel like an invitation into a guests’ room with an envelope style and shiny gold lettering. Their sleek creation is paired with a matching key that provides simplicity and elegance. 

Through well-thought-out designs and details, the experience your hotel provides can be enhanced and meaningful. 

January Special: 

How does your boutique hotel create a stay that stands out to guests? Hotel room keys sleeves and holders are designed to bring guests convenience and style. 

For the month of January, we are offering $50 off to first-time key holder and key sleeve orders! Our team of experienced Graphic Designers can bring your creative vision to life through key holders and sleeves quickly and within budget.  

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