Every boutique hotel is unique and provides a different experience for guests to enjoy. From location, to size, and style, each experience requires a different design to be created. Hospitality signage not only provides guidance for your guests, it also compliments the type of atmosphere you want your guests to feel.

Our team at Front Desk Supply works with independent and boutique hotels all over the country to design signs that will enhance their guests’ experience from check-in to check-out. With our graphic artists on staff, we can help you create items that will express your brand’s personality and offer their insight from having designed millions of products for other hotels. 

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There are a wide variety of signs available for independent or boutique hotel to utilize. They continue the conversation with your guests in a creative and functional way. 

Not sure what type of signage your boutique hotel needs? Explore some options here:

For Large Hotels 

In large hotels, there are only so many team members available to browse the hotel floors to assist guests after check in. This is where signs become extremely valuable. Inside rooms, provide signs that help make their stay more comfortable. With signs such as television station listings, maps, and recommendations for hotel amenities, guests do not have to go out of their way to find ways to enhance their stay. 

For A Better Personal Experience 

Hospitality signage communicates your brand’s message for you. In-room signs can be a way for your team to express their gratitude. As they walk into their room for the first time, leave a note that provides a personal touch from your team. Thank them for choosing your hotel and welcome them into a wonderful experience.  

For The Environmentally Friendly 

Guests pay attention to the values that hotels uphold. In modern society, being a boutique hotel that is environmentally conscious is a necessity. In order to help your hotel be “green”, offer your guests ways to contribute. Conserve water signs in the bathroom communicate to your guests that they can reuse their towels or bed linens in efforts to help your hotel save rounds of laundry. A newer trend we’ve seen is a sign on the bed to remind guests they can decline turndown service to help save water and earn hotel credits or a discount on their stay. 

Guests respond well to the appeal and purpose of signs, especially when the signs carry your brand voice and personality. From the moment your guests arrive, hotel signage sets the tone for their stay. 

February Special: 

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