“The biggest impressions are in the smallest details.”

When it comes to hotel service, it’s often the seemingly insignificant items that can make the biggest impact on a guest’s overall experience. From key cards to valet tags, branding the supplies you have in stock is even more important during these uncertain times for hospitality. Read on to discover why luggage tags and valet tags are important during the pandemic and beyond.

Luggage Tags

Help Prevent Mistakes

When you provide guests with luggage tags, it makes it harder for bellhops and other staff to confuse or lose luggage; they make it clear who owns a particular suitcase or duffel bag and help prevent guests and employees from picking up the wrong bag. During these times when cleanliness and safety are top priorities, ensuring strangers do not accidentally pick up the wrong bag is a major factor in creating a positive guest experience.

Keep Property Safer

Additionally, luggage tags discourage theft. Seeing a name, phone number, and other contact information on a piece of luggage shows potential burglars that this luggage may be more easily tracked and dissuades them from wanting to take it. By providing luggage tags to guests, you show them that you care about the safety of their personal belongings and give them peace of mind when offering luggage tags at check-in.

Make Guests Remember You

For guests, taking a luggage tag with them is second nature, and people often leave luggage tags on their suitcases for months or years after they check out. Branding your luggage tags is a wise way to keep your hotel at top-of-mind every time this person travels. When they take out their bag to pack or unpack, they will see your name. To take this detail to an elevated level, check out key cards that convert into luggage tags.

Valet Tags

Make a Good First Impression

Valet tags are the first branded item your guests see when they arrive, so it is important that they accurately reflect the standards of your hotel. High-quality, branded valet tags will impress your guests right off the bat and can set the tone for the rest of their stay.

Improve Timeliness

Employees are able to move and organize cars and their keys much more efficiently when valet tags are used. Doing so can help make the arrival process smooth for your guests, providing timely service and organized workflow. At a time when traveling can be extremely stressful, easing this process with valet tags will be much appreciated by your guests.

Both luggage tags and valet tags have an important place in your hotel’s functionality, especially when safety standards and sanitation requirements are at an all-time high.  Running a successful hotel during these times includes thorough preparation to help keep guests protected. Having fully stocked supplies, including PPE, in place is vital to ensure your hotel functions safely and efficiently.

Unsure about how to continue functioning successfully during these changing times? Download our Free Hotel Checklist. This list provides your hotel with information on how to keep your doors open safely and successfully. 

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