Hotel key card sleeves and folders are the perfect tool to strengthen your brand voice and to greet your hotel guests. Key card holders not only further marketing and branding but serve a number of practical uses, from protecting keycards and making them difficult to lose to providing hotel guests with critical information about their stay.

Hoteliers should consider updating their key card holder design for the new year, ensuring that the features of the holder are up-to-date, contemporary, and stylish. Overwhelmed with choices? Here are some of Front Desk Supply’s favorite hotel key card holder ideas.

Inspiration for Your New Key Card Holder Design

Hotel Key Card Holders are print materials that guests will hold in their hand and are the perfect opportunity to get crucial information to your guests. Some ideal features to include on your key card holders include:

Basic Information

Help guests have the answers they need right at their fingertips by providing their room number, hotel address, website, phone number, WiFi instructions, door lock instructions, maps for guests not familiar with the hotel or the area, as well as suggestions for transportation, food, bars and retail.

Discounts, Promotions and Feedback

Tell your guests about your hotel’s promotions and offers on your key card holders. Holders can also hold space for guests to share their opinions with a short questionnaire for guests to fill out.


Update your branding by adding a gorgeous design to your hotel key card holders. Front Desk Supply has various options for getting your folders and sleeves precisely the way you want them.

The Best Hotel Key Card Holder for Your Business

Whether you choose to use key card sleeves or folders depends on the type and amount of information you’d like to pass on to your guests. Key card sleeves come in generic, economy, and custom designs and can fit between four and five room keys. Sleeves have just enough space to include the hotel room number and branding information. Sleeves can have unique shapes and finishes and can even be lined to protect from electronic fraud or theft.

Folders have more space to include information. You can choose a simple one-pocket option, two-pocket, or you can make a small booklet that holds all the information guests could possibly need for their stay. Help your hotel stand out when you upgrade to luxury folders with unique designs.

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