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Customization on the small details in your hotel will help your property stand out. Decide which food and beverage items are a priority for your property, what your budget is for each item, and how many you need to order. From there, we can help you find the option that will help get the word out about your property via photos your guests share with their friends and family.




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Custom Food & Beverage Supplies for Hotels & Restaurants

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Wine Openers and Cork

Corkscrews/ Wine Key






Disposable Cups


Wine Glasses


Disposable Menus

Food and Beverage FAQ

Which corkscrew do you recommend?

It depends on what beverage options you provide to your guests at your hotel. A T or Pocket Corkscrew is a great budget-friendly option that is compact and easy to use. A Wine Key or Waiter’s Corkscrew is our most popular option because it is an all in one solution. It includes the corkscrew, foil cutter blade, and a bottle opener. It is still compact and is adaptable to most beverage programs.

We have access to a variety of corkscrew and wine openers several thousand ranging from basic to high-end custom engraved metallic openers. To help us narrow the choices for you, please visit: and go to “In Room Drink Products” and then select the bottle and wine opener sub-category.

Do you offer double sided or single sided coasters?

We offer both! Our most popular sizes are 4” round or 4” square.

What is your lead time for custom food and beverage options?

Most of our products have a standard lead time of 2 to 3 weeks. If for some reason the product you are interested in has a longer lead time, your account manager will be sure to let you know before placing your order.

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