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The Best Place to Stay: On Base

As the manager of an on-base hotel, you have an important mission: providing an amazing guest experience that your hardworking service members deserve. You can enhance your military lodging with luxurious hotel supplies that make your lodging feel less like a barrack and more like a boutique property.
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You might face these challenges at your military lodge:

You need to order custom hotel supplies or restock supplies that you’ve run out of while sticking to your budget.

You want to provide a comfortable stay for service members but upgrading the guest experience will require lots of creativity.

You have family members of military personnel who are feeling stressed about relocating—you want to provide a guest experience that puts them at ease.

You want to rebrand your hotel supplies, but you don’t have the time or resources for graphic design.

Your hotel supplies get worn down quickly, which strains your budget.

Your key cards keep demagnetizing, which frustrates your guests and creates more work for you and your staff.

You have difficulty finding suppliers registered with

Upgrade Your Military Lodge with Custom Supplies

All you need to do to boost your guest experience is to enhance or redesign a few of your hotel supplies. Front Desk Supply is ready to support you. You’ll enjoy a few key benefits when you partner with us.

Boutique-Quality Supplies

Budget-Friendly Pricing

Competitive Lead Times

We Supply:

RFID & Magnetic Stripe Key Cards

Key Card Holders

Stationery & Custom Signage

Valet & Concierge Tags

Personal Protective Equipment

And More!

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Discover A Few Ways That Front Desk Supply Can Support Your Military Lodging


Do you have experience working with military lodges?

Yes, we have supplied military lodges just like yours with stunning hotel supplies that include key cards, signage, stationery, and more. We’re familiar and comfortable with the military procurement process and know exactly how to get supplies to your base. We’re registered on — reach out to us and we’ll provide our entity info.

My key cards frequently stop working. Can you provide me with better ones?

Your military lodge might be using LoCo magnetic key cards, which are cost-effective but easily demagnetized. We can supply you with higher-quality key cards that work more consistently but don’t significantly increase your costs.

Alternatively, we can help you upgrade to RFID key cards. These are a little more expensive, but they’re also more durable, so you won’t have to order replacements as often, saving you more money over time.

I want to customize my hotel supplies, but I don’t have time or money for graphic design. Can you help with this?

Absolutely! We offer a FREE design service to help you customize your hotel supplies however you want. We can incorporate any logos or visual elements that you’d like to add, or we can create designs from scratch.

I can’t afford to run out of supplies. How quickly can you deliver the supplies to our base?

Most providers require 6-8 weeks for delivery. With Front Desk Supply, you can cut that time in half. We work with a speedy and reliable network of partners so we can get supplies manufactured and delivered ASAP once you’ve approved the final designs.

I spend too much money on replacements for worn-down supplies. Do you offer higher-quality products?

We offer a wide range of pricing options, but even our budget-friendly items are boutique-quality. We can help you mix-and-match cost-effective items that need frequent replenishing (such as key holders and pens), with higher-quality items that are more durable and don’t have to be replaced as often (such as key cards and signage).

How do I know which products are right for my military lodge?

We know that military lodges have tight budgets. We can help you figure out which hotel supplies will most improve your guest experience and hotel operations while staying within your allocated budget. We are happy to give you different options to choose from that will help you get the most out of each dollar.

Let’s Partner to Make Memorable Stays for Service Members

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