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Key Card Holder
Key Sleeves or Key Folders?

If you’re having a hard time figuring out which key card holder option would work best for your property, start by establishing what information you need to communicate with your guests. If you are more focused on a simple and sleek key card holder design with just the hotel room number, a key sleeve would likely be best. If you have a lot of information to share and need more space to capture all the amazing details of your property like a map, Wi-Fi information, or amenity hours, we recommend a key folder.

Matte sleeves

Key Sleeves

We offer a range of generic, economy, and custom key sleeves. A key sleeve fits between 4 and 5 room keys and has just enough space to include the hotel room number and a few more details about your property.
Full Color Key Folders

Key Folders

Our key folders are fully customizable in size and property information. You can choose a simple one pocket option, upgrade to two so you can add loose leaf inserts, or you can even add a few pages to make it a small booklet. This way you can share all the best kept secrets of your hotel with your guests.

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