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Key folders have a wide range of options which allows you to let your brand shine while communicating important information like hotel room numbers with guests! They also provide basic protection, extending the life of a hotel key card. These are a great option if you would like to present information about the hotel, as the key folders have lots of space!




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Hotel Key Folders

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Economy 1 Color Hotel Key Folder

If you’re set on key folders but still need to be cost-conscious, our 1 color key folders are a great way to maximize your budget. Fill the entire page to elevate your brand without spending beyond your budget.

Standard 2 Color Outside 2 Color Inside Hotel Key Folder

Our 2 color Outside/2 color Inside key folder is our most popular option because it carefully balances cost, style, and design. Leave the inside blank, add amenity details, or add your own flair.

Luxury Hotel Key Folder (Custom Die Cut)

Have a local tourist attraction like a mountain top in your area you want to spotlight with a key folder? Or a special shaped key folder that helps your brand stand out? You can create a custom die cut in the pocket to add a playful detail. Or create an entirely new key folder size for your property to get exactly what you need.
Five Pine_ Key Folder_WEB

Local Coupon/QR Code/Map Hotel Key Folder

Showcase your partnership with a local store or restaurant and make it easier for your guests to use the coupons or place their food order without having to contact your Front Desk for more information. Key Folders are a great way to do that.
LaGuardia_Trifold Sleeve

Multi Panel Key Folder

If you were hoping for a key folder with a gate fold, a z fold, a roll up fold, or something else, let us know! We can help you with the multi-panel key folder that your creative team worked hard to create.
Gold Miners_ Key Folder

Large Key Folder

Your key may be 2 or 3 inches, but that doesn’t mean your key folder has to be small too. Maybe you are an all inclusive resort with plenty of information to share, or maybe you have a detailed map you want to be super legible, a large key folder would be the perfect option for you!

Popular Templates

Key Folder Die Cuts

Hotel Key Folder FAQ

Do you have different finish options for your key folders?

Yes, we do! Matte, aqueous, and glossy are our most popular key folder options, but we would recommend speaking with one of our account managers to figure out what would work best with your paper option and design.

Is a key folder or a key sleeve a better option?

It depends on your property! If you have a lot of information to share with guests, a key folder allows for more text and can accommodate additional inserts. If cost is your top concern or you only want to keep it simple, we would recommend a key sleeve! (link to key sleeve page)

Can I have two pockets on the left and right side of the folder? Or just one?

It depends on the die cut, but usually you can have two pockets. It may change the cost per unit of the key folders.

What is the standard lead time for key folders?

Our standard lead time is 2 weeks from the time the key folder final production proof is completed and confirmed, plus 3-5 business days for ground shipping. If you are tight on time, you can order our Hot Off the Press key sleeves by clicking here to have on hand until the key folders are ready.

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