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Confirm the type of magnetic stripe on your magnetic key card for your magnetic locks

In order to provide you with a quote, we will need to confirm the coercivity / degree of magnetization of the magnetic key cards you will need.  You can check with your lock manufacturer if uncertain. After you provide us with that information we can send pricing information to you and tester keys if you use MidCo or HiCo key cards. Both of these magnetic key cards look similar, but offer more protection from demagnetizing than the LoCo magnetic key cards. LoCo key cards are the most common type of magnetic key cards.

LoCo 300-350 OE

MidCo 650 OE

HiCo 2750 OE

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Magnetic Hotel Key Cards

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Hotel Logo Magnetic Key Cards

The most popular room key design is the hotel logo. It is simple and clean and is often used as a keepsake by guests.


Hotel Photo Magnetic Key Cards

The second most popular room key design is a photo of the property. There is a huge range of options from the front of the hotel to the on-site dining, small details around the property, fun amenities, and more. Make sure to have a high resolution photo to get the best results for your room key!

Hotel Access Magnetic Key Cards

If your property has access points at different locations or you want to keep better track of your hotel towels, these are a great option! They can include magnetization if needed for the access points, or can be left without the black stripe on the back if they will only be exchanged for a towel card or other item.

Hotel Conference or Event Magnetic Key Cards

We can help with room keys for conferences, weddings, and other events. Most guests love the exclusive feeling of having a special room key in hand.

Local Shop or Coupon Magnetic Key Cards

Have a special partnership with a local store or restaurant? Add a coupon on the front or back of your room key to help spread the word about your partnership.

Owner Hotel Key Cards

Owner cards can be used similarly to membership keys or access room keys. They can also include a signature bar on the back if it is required by your property.

Corporate Hotel Guest Key Cards

If you have a corporate partnership, we can include their corporate logo on a set of room keys to differentiate guests for your staff. These are a great option for bringing in corporate clients that regularly send representatives to your hotel.


Membership Key Cards or VIP Key Cards

VIP or Membership room keys make it easy for your staff to tell different guests apart. Some properties use Membership or VIP room cards to offer special discounts, exclusive access, rewards, or shopping benefits.

Hotel Gift Cards

Some properties use gift cards for their hotel or for their on-site dining options or both. This will require confirming additional technical information for the use of the giftcards but is typically a quick process. You can also choose a less expensive option if you don’t need to track the balance on the gift card.

Popular Templates

Magstripe Key Die Cut

Magnetic Hotel Key Card FAQ

My keys get demagnetized easily. Can I just order a MidCo or HiCo key?

No. Card readers and card encoders need to match the end product they are working with. The “degree of magnetization” refers to the strength of the magnet and the amount of information that needs to go on it to open the door. Your lock vendor can often make the adjustment, so you can then encode with the better magnetic stripe on the room key. Some charge an extra fee, other lock vendors do not. This is one way to improve card demagnetizing.

My keys don’t encode sometimes. What should I do?

Clean your locks and your encoders weekly with lock cleaners. You can order them directly here. This removes dust, pocket lint and other elements that reduce the ability of the card to “talk” to the lock.

What is the estimate life of a magnetic stripe both in time and / or uses? Would a LoCo have a shorter life than HiCo (just the magnetic stripe itself, not the encoding portion).

The shelf life is about 3 years and generally a few thousand uses.  Uses as in, erasing, encoding, swiping etc. The LoCo magnetic stripe does erases easier than a HiCo magnetic stripe, relatively speaking, the LoCo wouldn’t last as long as a HiCo, as it is much hard to erase info.

What size keys do you offer?

CR-80/credit card size (3 ⅜” by 2 ⅛” by 30 mm thick); this is the most common.

CR-50 (1 ¾” by 3 ½” by 30 mm thick)

I am thinking about switching from magnetic to RFID locks. Do you install them?

No, we don’t do installations but we can introduce you to our preferred lock vendor who offers a good combination of technology, price, service, and experience. In the meantime, if you need more magnetic keys, you can learn more about our magnetic key options here.

Our hotel keeps track of guests using sequential numbers and we add the guest name. Are you able to do this?

Of course! Just let us know which of those you might need. We will use a slightly different print process for the overprinting of guest’s names, while we there is a separate Department that manages sequential numbers.

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