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We can provide an entire hotel stationery suite for your property ranging from custom notepads, to custom letterhead, custom greeting cards, custom envelopes and more. It is best to get a clear idea of the design and budget range for each of your items. It might make sense to splurge on some items you use more frequently while others items might make more sense to be more cost conscious.




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Stationery & Notepads

Use our complimentary graphic design services to maximize your guests’ experience.

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In-Room Custom Notepads

Most in-room custom notepads are on the smaller side, usually 4.25” x 5.5” or smaller but we have a wide range of custom notepads options in case you are looking for something a little different for your custom notepad.
Large Notepads

Meeting Room Custom Notepads

Most custom notepads for meetings or events are on the larger side, usually 5” x 7” or larger but we have a wide range of custom notepad options in case you are looking for something a little different for your custom notepad.


You can choose between #9 or #10 envelopes with or without a window on the front.


Choose from a range of paper and cover stocks to make sure your brand comes through in every letter you send out.
greeting cards page

Greeting Cards

Adding a quick handwritten note for your recurring guests or for people celebrating a special occasion is what can quickly set you apart from other hotels. You can add a simple logo on the front or go all out and include special finishes to take it to the next level.
level comment card

Comment Cards

Giving guests a space to share their praise, comments, or concerns is a great way to let them know you are open to feedback and always looking to improve.

Popular Templates

notepad die cuts

Hotel Stationery FAQ

Do you have different page count options for your custom notepads?

Yes! We found 25 pages to be the sweet spot to save on housekeeping costs since the same custom notepad could be left in the room for multiple guests. However, if you’re discarding the custom notepads after every stay, then 10 pages would be the better option.

Can I create my own die-cut for custom notepads?

Yes! It will – the custom notepad will include a one-time die-cut fee but after that you will be able to use that design without any additional charges.

Can I choose a lined custom notepad?

You can choose whichever makes sense for your property. The most popular option is for blank space custom notepads in rooms and lined custom notepads for meeting/event rooms.

Do you offer full color stationery or just single color?

We offer both! Single color is the most cost effective option but both options are popular.

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