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For Front Desk Managers like you, time is precious. Your guests get more review-worthy experience from you when your hospitality supply orders are hassle-free.

Free Design Services for Custom Products

Short On Time to Supply a Great Guest Experience?

Are supply orders another task on your list? Want to develop something memorable but your property lacks a graphic designer? Don’t know where to start? Let us help. Your great customer experience starts with a supporting hospitality supply partner behind the scenes.

Happy Front Desk Manager
Happy Front Desk Manager

Chances are, you’re juggling these responsibilities during your shift:

I check every guest in and out of the property.

When guests need shuttle service, I’m the one behind the wheel.

When the AC breaks or room 414 needs new towels, I make the call.

My deliverables are critical to the night audit team.

I am the night auditor!

I have ideas for custom supplies that would enhance the guest experience, but I don’t have the time or design skills to uplevel our products.

Elevate Your Hotel’s Guest Experience With the Ultimate Hospitality Supply Partner

Enhance Your Boutique Property with High-Quality Hotel Supplies

Customization on the small details in your hotel will help your property stand out. Decide which items are a priority for your property, what your budget is for each item, and how many you need to order. From there, we can help you find the option that will help get the word out about your property via photos your guests share with their friends and family.

Competitive Lead Times

Budget-Friendly Options

Crafted Guest Experiences

We Supply:

RFID & Magnetic Stripe Hotel Key Cards

Key Card Holders

Custom Hotel Signage

In-Room Products


Valet and Concierge Tags

And More! One stop shopping can become a reality, saving lots of time.

See How FDS Turned a One-Time Headache Into a Hassle-Free Supply Relationship

Happy Front Desk Manager
Happy Front Desk Manager

Front Desk Manager Headache:

Boutique hotel property manager in Boston was “foiled” when it came time for a reorder of paper stock for the property’s folios. His hotel key card supplier let him down.

Front Desk Manager Headache:

We looked at their wider need beyond a one-time order. We also looked at both economy and premium paper goods to determine whether they were overpaying for a premium product that wasn’t necessary.

They were being sold paper stock and paying extra for a complex design and treatment that they didn’t even need.

Front Desk Supply worked with the boutique property manager to identify an economy paper stock with a premium feel where the complex design was replaced with a simple fold.  The finished product was classy without the cost.

After determining the long-term needs of the property, we agreed to a higher volume order with fewer print runs and use of our warehouse. This offered significant long-term savings and a custom product that was ready to ship.

FDS now warehouses the extra paper, and when that manager calls us, we ship the ready-made product to them the next day.


I work with multiple vendors for products and the ordering and deliveries with multiple providers is challenging to manage. We can’t afford to run out of supplies. Can you help?

Front Desk Supply can streamline your supply process into a relationship-based partnership, and if you want it, recurring orders can have supplies at your property at regular intervals without asking.

How do I know which products are right for my boutique property?

Our team works with each property as a partner to determine which class of products – a good one, a better one, or the best – that is right for your guest experience.

I want to customize my property’s products. Do you offer design assistance?

With any hospitality order, we offer every hotel manager free setup and professional design for all of your hotel property supplies at no cost.

Other suppliers say 6-8 weeks for delivery. Do you offer faster turnaround times?

Yes, when you partner with Front Desk Supply, you experience the benefits of our network of partners, which usually can cut that delivery time in half once the design is approved.

We want to do something special for the holidays and our property’s anniversary. Can we customize our branding with design enhancements to mark these occasions?

Yes. We work around the calendar to incorporate special occasion elements into your existing branding.  This keeps your supplies’ look consistent with added flair for the special moments you celebrate.

Let’s Partner on a Memorable Guest Experience

Partnering with Front Desk Supply saves more than time; it can save you money. When you speak with a trusted Front Desk Supply advisor, you get $50 off of a new order of $500. Just fill out the form.

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