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We have lots of key accessories, styles and shapes to choose from. Key sleeves have a wide range of options which allows you to let your brand shine while communicating important information like hotel room numbers with guests. Key covers also provide basic protection, extending the life of a hotel key card. 




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Hotel Key Sleeves

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Economy 1 Color Hotel Key Sleeve

If cost is your top priority, these are a great option to offer your guests. The key sleeves are lightweight, simple, and offer just enough space to communicate the basics.

Standard Full Color Hotel Sleeve

Our standard key sleeves are made with cover stock and have a heavier feel to them than our economy key sleeves. They are a gread sleek and modern option for hotels who prioritize simplicity in their key sleeves.

Luxury Hotel Sleeve

Take it over the top with our Luxury Hotel Key Sleeves. You can choose metallic ink, linen or other cover stock papers, or different finishes to catch the attention of your guests immediately with these key sleeves.

Custom Die Cut Sleeve

Maybe you want to add a custom thumb cut design of a certain shape or angle to your key sleeve? Or maybe you have additional loose leaf inserts you would like to include… We can help with your key sleeves!

Local Coupon Hotel Sleeve

Showcase your partnership with your local store or restaurant with our custom coupon key sleeves.

Hotel Map or QR Code Key Sleeve

Sharing your hotel map or the QR code ordering food at your on-site dining option on your key sleeve will help guests get the answers to questions they have without tying up your front desk staff.
RFID Protective Sleeve

RFID Key Protector Sleeves

RFID secure sleeves are designed to protect hotel key cards, credit cards, and identification cards from electronic fraud or theft. These are made from special RFID blocking material that protects the contents from scanning of digital and electronic chips by thieves. They are tear- and water-resistant.

Popular Templates

Key Sleeve Die Cuts

Hotel Key Sleeve FAQ

How many keys can the sleeves hold?

Economy key sleeves can hold 4

Premium key sleeves can hold 5

Do you have different finish options for your key sleeves?

Yes, we do! Matte, aqueous, and glossy are our most popular options, but we would recommend speaking with one of our account managers to figure out what would work best with your paper option and design for your key sleeve.

Is a key sleeve or a key folder a better option?

It depends on your property! If cost is your top concern and you want to keep it simple, we would recommend a sleeve. If you have a lot of information to share with guests, a folder (link to folder page) allows for more text and can accommodate additional inserts.

What is your standard lead time for key sleeves?

Our standard lead time is 2 weeks from the time the final key sleeve production proof is completed and confirmed, plus 3-5 business days for ground shipping. If you are tight on time, you can order our “Hot Off the Press” key sleeves by clicking here to have on hand until the custom key sleeves are ready.

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