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You can make check-in more gratifying for your guests by placing their room keys in a key card sleeve. A key sleeve is a simple but elegant way of presenting room keys to your guests, which can set the tone for the rest of their stay. With Front Desk Supply, you can quickly and easily brand your key sleeves to your property.

Ways to Use Hotel Key Sleeves

Customize your key sleeves by adding your:

  • Logo / Branding
  • Room Numbers
  • WiFi Password
  • Hotel Contact Information

Use our Complimentary Graphic Design Service to create key sleeves that match the elegance of your boutique property.

Main Options


Economy 1 Color Hotel Key Sleeve

These key sleeves are lightweight, simple, and offer just enough space to communicate basic information. A great option if cost is your top priority.


1 Color Mid-Sleeve

Our Mid-Sleeves use the same die-cut as the economy sleeves, but with thicker paper that doesn’t feel quite as “papery.” A great economic option.


Premium Full Color Hotel Sleeve

Our standard key sleeves are made with cover stock and have a heavier feel to them. They’re a sleek and modern option for hotels that prioritize simplicity.


Luxury Hotel Key Sleeve

Perfect for high-end hotels, master suites, or select VIP guests. You can choose metallic ink, linen, cover stock paper, or a variety of different finishes.

Additional Options


Custom Die Cut Key Sleeve

Want your key sleeves cut in a certain shape or angle? We can do a custom die cut to create something that’s memorable and unique to your property.


Local Coupon Hotel Sleeve

Showcase your partnerships with local stores and restaurants by adding coupons to your key sleeves. Our free graphic design service makes it simple.


Hotel Map or QR Code Key Sleeve

Add a scannable QR code to your key sleeves. The QR code can provide your guests with helpful information: hotel maps, dining menus, and more.

RFID Protective Sleeve

RFID Key Protector Sleeves

These key sleeves are designed to protect key cards, credit cards, and ID cards from electronic fraud or theft. They’re tear and water resistant.

Want to see how beautiful your hotel branding will look on our key sleeves?

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Get what you need when you need it, with no stress and minimal effort. We make the ordering process easy.

1. Give Us Your Room Key Info

In order to provide you with a quote, we’ll need to know a little more about your room keys so we can make key sleeves that are accurately sized.

Key Sleeve Die Cuts

2. Give Us Your Design

Provide us with your design ideas, and we can draw up a beautiful key sleeve in 24 hours or less. Our in-house graphics team will make sure the design either matches or complements the style of your current room keys. When you order custom products with Front Desk Supply, there’s no additional charge for our design services!

3. Give Us the Go-Ahead

We always make sure that you love the design of your key sleeves before you place your order. Once you’ve approved the final design, we’ll get the key sleeves made and delivered ASAP, with turnaround times as fast as 2-3 weeks.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need further assistance! We’ve produced a countless number of key sleeves spanning thousands of different designs, so we know a thing or two about the design and manufacturing process and can answer any questions you may have.

Hotel Key Sleeve FAQ

How many keys can the sleeves hold?

Economy key sleeves can hold 4 – 6 keys. Standard and luxury key sleeves can hold 5.

Do you have different finish options for your key sleeves?

Yes, we do! Matte, aqueous, and glossy are our most popular options, but we would recommend speaking with one of our account managers to figure out what would work best with your preferred paper and designs.

Is a key sleeve or key folder a better option?

It depends on your property! If cost is your top concern and you want to keep it simple, we would recommend a sleeve. If you have a lot of information to share with guests, a folder allows for more text and can accommodate additional inserts.

Do you have eco-friendly key sleeves?

Yes! We offer customizable key sleeves that are made from recycled or seeded paper. View our eco-friendly products for more info.

I’m ordering other products from Front Desk Supply. Can I use matching designs for all my orders?

Absolutely! When you order with Front Desk Supply, it’s easy to keep your branding consistent from one custom product to the next.

What is your standard lead time for key sleeves?

Our standard lead time is 2 weeks, from the time your final production proof is completed and confirmed, plus 3-5 business days for ground shipping. If you are tight on time, you can order our “Hot Off the Press” key sleeves so you’ll have temporary ones to use until your new key sleeves are delivered.

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