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Make it easier for guests to learn about your property with custom hotel & hospitality marketing materials, choose your hotel, and share it with their friends and family with our custom hotel & hospitality marketing materials. All you need to do now is decide the range in budget per item and we can get started.




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Marketing Materials FAQ

Do you recommend rack cards or brochures?

It depends on what information you want to share with your guests. If you have a lot of information, a trifold brochure is best but if you want to keep it simple a rack card will work great.

Do you offer square or non-traditional shaped business cards?

We do carry them as an option. Usually, we recommend sticking to rectangular business cards and choosing a thicker stock or a suede finish instead to stand out. The feedback we’ve received is if they don’t fit with the rest of the stack, they get thrown away sooner but we can work with whatever you choose!

Can I add business card slits to the Sales and Event planning folders?

Yes! You can add one or two depending on what your needs are.

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