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In order to provide you with a quote, we will need to confirm your lock system. After you provide us with the lock manufacturer and chipset, we can send tester key cards to verify compatibility. The more information you provide, the better we can assist in getting you the right keys.

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RFID Hotel Key Cards

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Oceanpoint Ranch RFID Key Matte

Hotel Logo RFID Key Cards

The most popular RFID key design is the hotel logo. Oceanpoint Ranch chose to upgrade their key with a matte finish for a simple, clean, and luxurious look.
Temecula Creek RFID Keys

Hotel Photo RFID Key Cards

The second most popular RFID key design is a photo of the property, along with the logo. There is a huge range of options from the front of the hotel to the on-site dining, small details around the property, fun amenities, and more. Make sure to have a high resolution photo to get the best results!

Hotel Event RFID Key Cards

We can help with RFID keys for conferences, weddings, or other events. Most guests love the exclusive feeling of having a special key in hand.  It is a great way to promote the hotel and the event with a keepsake.

Aqua Macys RFID

Local Shop / Coupon RFID Key Cards

Have a special partnership with a local store or restaurant? Add a coupon on the front or back of the RFID Key to help spread the word about your partnership.
Chateau Avalon Knight RFID

VIP or Membership RFID Key Cards

VIP or Membership RFID keys make it easy for your staff to tell different guests apart. Some properties use Membership or VIP RFID Keys to offer special discounts, exclusive access, rewards, or shopping benefits.
Winter Park RFID Ski Pass

Amenity Access RFID Key Cards

If your property has special access points this is a great option! Winter Park Lodging chose to include a badge hole on their RFID key to help guests keep track of their keys.
Generic Fobs

Generic Fobs

If you are looking for staff fobs, our generic fobs typically ship within one business day! Some properties choose a few different colors and distribute them by department or others choose all of the same.

crystal key fobs

Custom Crystal Fobs

Our custom crystal fobs are a perfect upgrade option because they have a crystalline fully molded enclosure. This makes them nearly unbreakable, prevents moisture from entering, and doesn’t degrade strength over time = plus they look great!
Wristband Keys

Wristband Fobs

We offer Tyvek, elastic, water resistant, and adjustable wristbands. Use them for your guests or for your staff to give them hands-free access to multiple locations at your property.

Popular Templates

RFID Key Die Cut

RFID Hotel Key Card FAQ

All I know is that I have RFID keys. Is that enough information to process my key order?

Not all RFID key types will work for your locks which is why we will need to confirm the details before we quote and print your order. You can look on the outside of the box of your current keys, a previous invoice, or contact your lock installer to get the information you need. From there we can send out tester keys to be sure they will open your doors. We work with all the main lock systems, but there certainly are some small, inexpensive ones we need more information for.

Why is there a difference in price between RFID keys?

It is typically a combination of reasons: the demand for that type of RFID key – the more demand, the lower the price, similarly supply – if a vendor reduces the supply by using a technology that is not easily available, and the quantity of keys that are being ordered. For some of the higher cost technologies, we stock generic or blank versions, so hotels of all sizes and budgets have some less expensive options for higher cost items.

Do you offer RFID key fobs or RFID wristbands for guests and staff?

We do! The memory size of the fob will vary depending on who will be using it. Speak with one of our account managers to be sure you get exactly what you are looking for. Like the key cards, we need to know the lock system to get you the right product.

I am planning an event like a conference or a wedding at a hotel. How would I know what RFID key information to provide?

It would be best to contact your Event Manager or Front Desk Manager at the hotel and get the RFID key information directly from them. Our team is happy to work together to make sure the design works for you and the key works for them.

I am thinking about switching from magnetic to RFID locks. Do you install them?

No, we don’t do installations but we can introduce you to our preferred lock vendor who offers a good combination of technology, price, service, and experience. In the meantime, if you need more magnetic keys, you can learn more about our magnetic key options here.

What is your standard lead time for RFID Hotel Keys? What if I am running low and can’t wait that long?

Our standard lead time is 3 weeks from the time the final production proof is completed and confirmed, plus 3-5 business days for ground shipping. If you are tight on time, you can order our “Hot Off the Press” RFID keys to hold you over by clicking here. They typically ship the same day or next day.

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