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Front Desk Supply Key Card Case Study

Both your guests and guest service agents will love how smoothly your hotel runs with RFID key cards. Programming keys and opening doors requires only a single tap. Enjoy higher security and customizability, with fewer costs and technical errors. Designs are ready in under 24 hours to ensure your keys get to your doorstep as quickly as possible.

Ways to Use RFID Key Cards

Elevate Your Brand:

RFID Hotel Key Cards

Use our complimentary graphic design services to maximize your guests’ experience.

Oceanpoint Ranch - RFID Hotel Key Cards - Matte

Hotel Logo RFID Key Cards

The most popular RFID key design is the hotel logo. Oceanpoint Ranch upgraded their key with a matte finish for a simple, clean, and luxurious look.
Temecula Creek - RFID Hotel Key Cards - Photo

Hotel Photo RFID Key Cards

The second most popular RFID key design is a photo of the property: on-site dining, fun amenities, etc.
Michael Baker International - RFID Hotel Key Cards - Event Key

Hotel Event RFID Key Cards

We can make RFID keys for conferences, weddings, and other events. Most guests love the exclusive feeling of having an event-specific room key.
Aqua Macys RFID

Local Shop/Coupon RFID Key Cards

Have a special partnership with a local store or restaurant? Add a coupon on the front or back of your room key to help spread the word.

Chateau Avalon Knight RFID

VIP or Membership RFID Key Cards

VIP or Membership RFID keys allow hotels to offer special discounts, exclusive access, rewards, or shopping benefits.
Winter Park RFID Ski Pass

Amenity Access RFID Key Cards

This is a great option if your property has special access points. Winter Park Lodging included a badge hole to help guests keep track of their keys.
Generic Fobs

Generic Fobs

Genergic fobs for your hotel staff typically ship within one business day! You can choose all the same color, or different colors for each department.
crystal key fobs

Custom Crystal Fobs

Our crystal fobs have a crystalline fully molded enclosure. They’re nearly unbreakable and look great!
Wristband Keys


We offer Tyvek, elastic, water resistant, and adjustable wristbands. They give your guests or staff hands-free access at different areas on your property.

Want to see how beautiful your hotel branding will look on our RFID key cards?

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Hotel managers have their hands full, so we make the ordering process quick and easy.

1. Give Us Your System Info

In order to provide you with a quote, we will need to confirm which type of RFID technology your hotel uses. Your lock manufacturer or access management software can tell you which type of card you use, or you can reach out to Front Desk Supply. We can give you pricing information once we have these specs.

MF1K Compatible

Budget Friendly since these are the most common.


Many brands are moving to this technology.


These can use Salto or ULC.

Other Compatible

Used on Other Major locks. Locks are highly secure with an elegant, minimalist design.

Not sure which card type your hotel uses? We can help you figure it out.

2. Give Us Your Design

Provide us with your design ideas and we will create a beautiful card for you in 24 hours or less. Our in-house design team can lend you a hand with sizing specifications, and they can also create something dazzling from scratch if you don’t have time to come up with your own design.

3. Give Us the Go-Ahead

We’ll make sure that you love the design of the RFID key cards before the order is placed, and we can send you tester cards to verify the compatibility of the chips. After you’ve received the first shipment, you can easily schedule additional shipments throughout the year so you’ll never have to worry about running out.

Not sure how to get started? Contact us today and let us answer all your questions about keys, locks, technology, and design ideas. We’ve produced millions of key cards spanning thousands of different designs so we have the knowledge and experience to make for exactly the kind of key card you’re looking for.

Front Desk Supply Case Study

Front Desk Supply Key Card Case Study

How Front Desk Supply Helps You Find the Right RFID Key Cards

The more information you provide to Front Desk Supply about your hotel’s specific lock system and chipset, the better we can assist you in getting the right key cards. Front Desk Supply often comes to the rescue when a hotel staff member forgets to alert the front desk that they’re running low on key cards.

For example, we helped one hotel general manager in California by finding a box of the right type of RFID key cards for their hotel’s locks in our inventory. We shipped it out on Saturday for delivery on Monday – Front Desk Supply to the rescue!

A great option to help you avoid exactly this type of scenario would be to talk with one of our expert account managers about creating an attractive key card that you can’t wait to hand to a guest.

RFID Hotel Key Card FAQ

All I know is that I have RFID keys. Is that enough information to process my key order?

Not all RFID key types will work for your locks which is why we will need to confirm the details before we quote and print your order. You can look on the outside of the box of your current keys, a previous invoice, or contact your lock installer to get the information you need. From there we can send out tester keys to be sure they will open your doors. We work with all the main lock systems, but there certainly are some small, inexpensive ones we need more information for.

Why is there a difference in price between RFID keys?

It is typically a combination of reasons: the demand for that type of RFID key – the more demand, the lower the price, similarly supply – if a vendor reduces the supply by using a technology that is not easily available, and the quantity of keys that are being ordered. For some of the higher cost technologies, we stock generic or blank versions, so hotels of all sizes and budgets have some less expensive options for higher cost items.

Do you offer RFID key fobs or RFID wristbands for guests and staff?

We do! The memory size of the fob will vary depending on who will be using it. Speak with one of our account managers to be sure you get exactly what you are looking for. Like the key cards, we need to know the lock system to get you the right product.

I am planning an event like a conference or a wedding at a hotel. How would I know what RFID key information to provide?

It would be best to contact your Event Manager or Front Desk Manager at the hotel and get the RFID key information directly from them. Our team is happy to work together to make sure the design works for you and the key works for them.

I am thinking about switching from magnetic to RFID locks. Do you install them?

No, we don’t do installations but we can introduce you to our preferred lock vendor who offers a good combination of technology, price, service, and experience. In the meantime, if you need more magnetic keys, you can learn more about our magnetic key options here.

What is your standard lead time for RFID Hotel Keys? What if I am running low and can’t wait that long?

Our standard lead time is 3 weeks from the time the final production proof is completed and confirmed, plus 3-5 business days for ground shipping. If you are tight on time, you can order our “Hot Off the Press” RFID keys to hold you over by clicking here. They typically ship the same day or next day.

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