One of the main challenges facing hotel front desk staff and operations teams is keeping enough supplies on hand to be stocked up without running out. One of those supplies that can be tricky to account for is hotel key cards. When someone checks into one of your rooms, you don’t know if they’ll need one key or four. You also don’t know how many they may lose or replace during their stay. What seems like a several-month supply can dwindle quickly. To mitigate these issues, we suggest frequently reordering the inventory you most often deplete, such as your hotel key cards. Front Desk Supply can help your property with all your generic key cards and daily hotel supply needs.

Front Desk Supply has both RFID key cards and magnetic strip key cards. Some front desk staff customize their keycards to add a personal touch to the cards. This is especially true during the holiday season. Many others are happy with generic hotel key cards.

3 Advantages of Generic Hotel Key Cards


More affordable for more budget-conscious hotels than custom cards. However, just because they’re more affordable doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise on quality. We have plenty of eye-catching designs to choose from that will please your guests.


Easy to buy in bulk to make sure you are always stocked with key cards for your guests. No matter how booked your property is, you can have peace of mind. At Front Desk Supply, you can get a free online quote. For current customers, quickly reorder your supplies with our simple reorder page.

Quick Turnaround

Receive your order in far less time than custom orders. In some instances, we ship your generic orders the same or next-day. You can’t beat that to keep your hotel supplied. Whether your property prefers generic hotel key cards or you’re waiting for your custom key cards, we’re your one-stop shop for hospitality managers. See below for more information.

Get Your Generic Hotel Key Cards Shipped Same or Next Day

At Front Desk Supply, our Hot Off the Press line of generic hotel products was created for hotels that need a cost-effective option while still keeping a consistent brand look, as well as for hotels that need something in hand immediately until their custom products arrive. Order your products today, and they typically ship out the same or next-day, including these magnetic key cards and RFID key cards, among other generic design options.

Front Desk Supply is an industry leader in hospitality supplies with 50 years of experience, offering a wide variety of items. Be assured you can find all your needs from one hotel supplier, conveniently and confidently, providing one-stop shopping that saves time and ease of fulfilling all your hotel supply needs. Check out our full catalog of hotel supplies. Get a quote for a custom order, get in touch with our team through our contact form or by calling us at (888)-859-2061.