The holidays are approaching rapidly, and the colder weather has brought shifts in the spread of coronavirus in many parts of the country. As we experience the most recent round of COVID-19 spikes, travel has changed. Some states are restricting out-of-state visitors and requiring quarantines, while others are open to all travel.

So, what does this mean for hotels as we approach the holiday season? It means strict sanitation is more essential than ever before. Here are 3 sanitation tips to help you through the holidays.

Communicate Your Standards

Regardless of the specific restrictions in your state or local area, you should be effectively communicating the ways you are complying with such restrictions. When it comes to sanitation, this means letting guests know your cleaning procedures through large signage around the hotel, as well as adding posters such as hand-washing signs in areas where guests need to take extra precautions.

Promote Guest Participation

While the bulk of the responsibility to keep guests safe and your hotel clean falls on your shoulders, there are also steps you can take to promote guest participation in keeping a sanitary space. Offering sanitizer wipes in guest rooms and public spaces helps encourage guests to wipe down the surfaces they touch both before and after use. Additionally, adding hand sanitizer stations in convenient locations across your hotel encourages guests to maintain appropriate hygiene to keep themselves and others safe.

Clean Even The Small Spaces

During times like these, it is crucial to clean the obvious spaces, but it is just as important to make sure you’re thoroughly sanitizing the smaller items as well. Items like sink and shower handles may be glazed over during a regular cleaning, but they now need to be effectively cleaned in order to keep guests safe. Key cards and key card readers are other items that you may not have thought about cleaning before, but this is imperative to during any sort of holiday rush.

Through all of the changing restrictions, Front Desk Supply is committed to helping you give the best guest experience possible for the holiday season and beyond. Having fully stocked supplies in place, including PPE, is vital to ensure your hotel functions safely and efficiently from check-in to check-out.

Unsure about how to continue functioning successfully during these changing times? Download our Free Hotel Checklist. This list provides your hotel with information on how to keep your doors open safely and successfully. 

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