Before you kick off another year in the hospitality industry, take a moment to consider your marketing products. How long has it been since you updated your hotel products? If you can’t recall, it’s probably time to consider a revamp. With a busy year ahead, you need simple ways to refresh hotel supplies that won’t keep you from providing excellent service to your guests. Learn how you can improve your hotel products below.

Refresh Hotel Key Sleeves

No matter what type of key card you use at your hotel, you likely use key sleeves to protect hotel keys from damage and have a place for wifi codes and room numbers. Perhaps the easiest way to revamp hotel products is to refresh your key card sleeves. If you’ve reordered generic products, take the opportunity to customize the look of your key sleeves. Custom products can also be refreshed by incorporating useful information or adding a new company logo and often are not much more expensive than a generic sleeve. This item may be just for one-time use, but it will be used throughout your guests’ stay. 

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Upgrade Your Hotel Pen Style

Pens are a hotel supply staple that should never run out. If your brand is keen on an updated image, you can make an impact even with something as small as a pen! For example, your hotel property may be using capped pens exclusively. Upgrading your pens to a twist-style or metallic pen can improve how guests perceive your business. Now is the perfect time to upgrade pen styles as a new segment of business-leisure, or blesiure, guests are working remotely from hotel properties. This hotel product is small but mighty!

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Switch Up Stationery Design

Front Desk Supply offers complimentary design services on custom hotel product orders. If you’ve used the same design for years on your hotel stationery, consider switching it up by updating the logo design or size of the item. Guests working from your property will likely use the stationery that you provide for their work. Branding these items with your logo will remind them how hospitable your hotel is. You may enhance a guest’s stay by simply ordering larger notepads to write on! Ensure your hotel rooms and business center are a welcoming place with all the essentials that business guests may need. 

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