A guest-first mentality has always been the standard for many hotels. Especially during these times, it can be easy to put 100% of your energy and focus on your guests. However, don’t forget that the best parts of the guest experience come from your employees. Keeping your team safe, secure, and happy will trickle down to the guests and provide them with a better experience while staying with you.

Be confident in your ability to provide for your employees with these 3 tips to keep workers safe.

Be Flexible

We’ve all had to adapt in unexpected ways, and your employees are no different. They’ve likely had to make changes in their life and their work schedule that alter their normal routine, and as a hotel owner, it is important to be considerate of this fact. You may have had to let some staff go and are now expecting your existing employees to adapt to fill multiple roles. If so, be flexible with them as they learn and move through these changing situations.

Communicate Protocols

Miscommunication can be common when so many constant changes are occurring, but keeping your team up-to-date on your latest guidelines and regulations, as well as your plans for the coming weeks and months, is essential to making sure your employees understand your expectations of them and how they should be behaving to follow safety rules – both at work and outside of it. Sending out weekly emails and one-sheets to your team will help keep everyone on the same page and function effectively as a unit.

Offer Ample PPE

One of the most essential aspects of keeping your employees safe is providing them with appropriate equipment to stay protected. This includes personal protective items like reusable face masks, which can be branded to match your hotel or designed with some holiday flair. Incorporating these into your workplace for each employee helps bring some fun into your safety measures and can make employees feel as though they are being taken care of. Additionally, each member of your team should have access to ample hand sanitizer. To take your standard of safety to a new level, supplying complete PPE kits for everyone is a great way to ensure each employee has the equipment they need while showing them you are invested in their health and safety.

To run a successful hotel during these times, you must take care of your employees alongside your guests. Having fully stocked supplies in place, including PPE, is vital to ensure your hotel functions safely and efficiently from check-in to check-out.

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