Hotel guest traffic is beginning to rebound!

We say that as more vaccines are being administered, and COVID-19 cases are on the decline.

How you welcome back your guests after their break from traveling will be very important.  It starts with clear communication with your guests. Let your guests know exactly what your hotel is doing to keep them safe and how much you appreciate their decision to stay at your hotel.

Here are some tips on how to effectively communicate with guests before, during, and after their stay:

Before Their Stay

It might be close to a year since many guests have traveled. It’s important to show them that although the pandemic isn’t over yet, you appreciate that they are trusting your team to keep them safe while traveling.

You can provide special signage about unique safety measures your team is taking before the guests arrive. One unique way to show you are trying to make your guests feel comfortable could be implementing a do not disturb sign that with messaging that notifies your team and other guests that a specific room occupant has requested a contactless stay.  This is promotable before the guests’ arrivals.

During Their Stay

While not quite contactless, some guests may be apprehensive about interacting with too many people during their stay. Offering your guests a few different options for distanced  communication will show them that you care about making them feel as safe as possible.

Implementing a texting service or always having a team member available to pick up the reception telephone will make it easier for guests to contact the staff from the comfort of their room. A great way to inform guests of your contactless efforts is to get a custom message printed on your room key sleeve to provide the number(s) guests can reach you at when they don’t want to leave their room. Showing your willingness to alter operations in order to ensure a safe visit builds brand loyalty, and you may see these apprehensive guests return as confident regulars.

After Their Stay

Providing an optimal experience counts on understanding how the guests’ stay was.  Soliciting feedback can deliver a big boost in shaping future safety plans. You can place custom signage in the room to inform guests of a survey you have created and include a short message stating the importance of their feedback in creating a safe environment. With a QR code or easy link, guests can scan the survey onto their phone from your signage and take the survey on their device at their convenience.  It’s just another way to spend time while waiting for your return flight to depart. If you receive feedback about a neg
ative experience, be sure to reach out to the guest, and let them know you are working to do better based on their comments.

Your team will have to make a noticeable effort to express gratitude throughout each stage of the guests’ experience with your hotel. Always let your guests know that you are thankful for their business, and provide them with opportunities to open up about the experiences they had at your hotel. Safely traveling during the pandemic can still be a challenge for some.

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