Did you know that 80% of people plan on traveling domestically in 2021? As travel creeps back towards pre-pandemic levels, travelers’ priorities have grown to include more thoughtful consideration of health and safety measures in the way they stay.

This means that every kind of accommodation, from local boutique hotels to large chains, must expand health and safety services, amenities, and considerations accordingly.

Here are 3 ways your hotel can provide the highest level health, safety,  and happiness for travelers.

1. Keep Guests in the Know

You can have every health and safety measure and amenity in the world, but that won’t factor into a potential guest’s booking decision or a current guest’s level of comfort unless they know about it.

Communication with your guests starts well  before check-in and must be reinforced throughout their stay. Publicly declare your commitment to hygiene, safety, and cleanliness online, but be sure to continue providing a constant stream of reassurance by using clear and compelling signage for your guests during their stay. The pandemic has led to a spike in heightened emotional responses to perceived risks, and one misstep by your hotel is likely to be much more damaging than ever before.

Consider adding repeated signage in entrances and common areas of your hotel iterating health and safety policies. Be sure to include signs providing one-way directions in spaces and social distancing reminders,  and make guests aware of the services you have in place that promote no or low-contact ways to stay at your hotel.

2. Keep It Clean – Then Clean It Again

Proper hygiene and sanitation practices in hotels has never been more important. By now, every operating hotel already has protocols in place for heightened cleaning, but you should also have an emergency response plan in the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 at your establishment. If an infected person has been at your hotel, it’s important that you decontaminate professionally.

Regular deep-cleaning of high-touch surfaces – including those less thought of, like carpets and upholstery – helps to minimize the risk of pathogens spreading and cross-contamination for guests and employees.

And remember – communication is key to promoting guests’ comfort. Let them know that door handles, pens, elevator buttons, and other frequent contact points have been cleaned by utilizing proper signage.

3. Refresh the Way You Provide Amenities

As we navigate these changing times, you should provide additional hotel amenities to make guests feel more comfortable.

PPE (personal protective equipment) kits should be stocked in guest rooms before they arrive. Masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and even disposable gloves are a few items you may want to include in the kits. Some hotels have taken this a step further, providing vitamins or immune system-boosting snacks for guests.

If you regularly provide things like pens, remote controls, and toiletry products, you may also need to adapt the way you provide them. It can be difficult and expensive to clean and replace toiletry items in particular; instead, consider single-use disposable toiletries for guests rather than multi-use bottles.

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