Travel is expected to increase over the next few months as business and holiday travelers combine to create a unique season. As your business prepares for the influx of guests, ensure that you don’t run out of the hotel supplies you need. Front Desk Supply has put together a list of 5 hotel products you should never run out of. See more below.

Hotel Key Cards

One of the most important products a hotel should have is hotel key cards. From major brands to boutique hotels, this “key” hotel product is a constant staple at your front desk, as well as a great branding tool. As the travel season traffic increases, you must ensure that every guest who comes to your business can access their room. Whether you need a supply of magnetic key cards or RFID key cards, you must have enough in stock so your hotel can provide excellent customer service. Browse Front Desk Supply’s hotel key cards.

Hotel Key Card Holders

This product can be big or small, but shouldn’t be overlooked. Not only is a hotel key card holder a means of marketing your hotel business and brand, but it also allows you to communicate information with your guests. You can use a key card sleeve or key card folder in many ways by customizing this product to fit your needs with a unique design. Write phone numbers, the wifi password, display a hotel map or a guest’s room number on this handy hotel product. Your options are seemingly endless! Check out our selection of hotel key card holders.

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Hotel Custom Pens

Guests on vacation need to jot down information or sign their name. It’s almost guaranteed that your hotel will have a pen. During the busy travel season, it’s especially important to be well-stocked, and in terms of hotel supply products, pens may be the most common hotel product staple needing to be refilled. 

Hotel pens are used by employees and often become stowaways when guests leave. The usefulness of a quality pen leaves an impression and can be a reminder to come back and visit again, thanks to a hotel custom pen with your company’s name. Although generic versions do the job, you’ll find that customized hotel pens have additional benefits.

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Hotel Stationery & Notepads

From guest-related products to custom hotel letterhead, it’s best to be well-stocked on hotel stationery and notepads. Front Desk Supply can create an entire stationery suite for your property with a wide selection of choices. As the travel season continues to pick up, business and holiday travelers may need to use stationery products. Order your most frequently used products to avoid running out during the travel season.

Personal Protective Equipment

The pandemic has changed the way hotels operate. One category of hotel products you should never run out of is personal protective equipment (PPE). Safety is every hotel’s top priority, so keep your stock of PPE plentiful during one of the busiest times of the year. Masks, sanitation stations, and more can be ordered through Front Desk Supply. Count on us for all of your hotel supply needs.

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