Your hotel concierge can offer intimate and highly personalized service for your guests. You can support your concierge by making sure they have all the important tools of the trade. Let’s cover 5 hotel concierge tools that can help your concierge provide 5-star customer service.

1. Concierge Signage

The best hotel concierge tool is also the most obvious: a sign that reads “CONCIERGE.”

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s something that’s overlooked by so many hotels.

When people can’t locate the concierge, they’ll go to the front desk instead, which can be problematic if your guest service agents are busy assisting other guests. The guest may get frustrated by the long wait.

Another reason why signage is important: it lets hotel guests know that you have a dedicated concierge. Guests are more likely to use this service if they know you offer it; without the proper signage, they might assume that you have no concierge and they’ll use the internet for recommendations and reservations. You’ll miss an opportunity to provide excellent guest service.

If you have a large lobby, then you might also consider adding signage that directs people to the concierge desk.

Both styles should reflect the hotel’s personality.

2. Luxury Pens

You probably have custom pens at the front desk and in the guest rooms. Most hotels use plastic cap pens or retractable pens because they’re cost-effective, but you might also consider ordering more luxurious metallic pens for your supervisors and concierge to use.

Concierge is a “white-glove” service, so presentation matters. Metallic pens will make your concierge look a little more professional when they’re taking notes or having your guests sign receipts. It’s a simple but effective way to enhance your hotel presentation.

3. Concierge Software

Reservations software can help your concierge manage everything from dining reservations to third-party ticket sales.

There are so many reservation softwares on the market, and the one you choose really depends on your hotel’s budget, size, and services offered. If you haven’t set up a concierge software at your property, here’s a brief list of the most popular options:

  • TripSee Concierge
  • aRes Travel
  • BookingCenter
  • Resortsuite Concierge
  • Edgar Concierge

Again, this is not a comprehensive list, but it should give you some ideas as you start your search for concierge software.

4. Brochures and Displays

A brochure display makes the concierge desk a little more eye-popping, and it provides useful information for guests. Don’t forget to include your own hotel brochure! You can present the brochure to visitors who come to inquire about your property.

5. Notepads

It’s helpful to give your concierge (and all your guest service agents) a handy notepad so they can scribble notes when they’re speaking with guests, especially when guests are asking about dining reservations. After all, your staff is probably multitasking a lot, which makes it easy to forget or misremember details.

For the sake of presentation, it’s great to use custom notepads that are branded to your hotel because they look more professional than store-bought notepads.

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