When it comes to your hotel supplies, the goal is always to strike the perfect balance between affordability, elegance, and guest satisfaction. In order to find your ideal key sleeve, you need to assess how important each of these elements is to you, and use that information to guide your decision. Once you’ve determined a budget, key holder type, and design requirements, you can begin to pick the sleeve that is best for you.

From good, to better, to best – here’s a breakdown of Front Desk Supply’s hotel key sleeve suggestions.

Good: Economy Key Sleeves

If budget is the most important element in your key sleeve choice, an economy key sleeve is likely your best choice. Key sleeves in this category can include both generic or custom designs but still offer a solid, widely used choice (s). If you’re looking for affordability over all else, economy key sleeves can offer you function without extra frills that may pull at your purse strings. These are a good choice for your standard key sleeve accessory, with generic options being the least expensive.

Better: Paper Upgrades

If you have some flexibility in your budget and are looking for a stronger, more elevated hotel key sleeve, opting for a paper upgrade is a great choice. Sturdier or more high-end paper can help your key sleeves last longer and look better than the standard economy offer.  Along with thicker paper, it also uses a bigger dieline so more keys will fit inside, as well as additional space for design options.  For an elevated guest experience, small details such as paper upgrades on key sleeves can make a world of difference in their perception of your hotel’s quality. Choose paper upgrades if your budget has some wiggle room and you aren’t looking for ultra high-end details like Spot UV or metallic writing.

Best: Spot UV & Metallic Writing

If a luxury guest experience is a top priority for your hotel, upgrading to key sleeves that include Spot UV or metallic writing can provide the best results. A step up from simple paper upgrades, spot UV and metallic foil upgrades allows you to customize your key sleeves on an elevated level and give you much more creative freedom to design the sleeves that will make an impact. Guests will take notice of hotel key sleeves with these qualities, and it can play a big role in creating a luxury experience.

Regardless of your budget or hotel key sleeve needs, Front Desk Supply has the solution for you.  Many of the elements above are available on our key folder offerings and ordering in larger quantities helps bring down the price.

Front Desk Supply is committed to helping you give the best guest experience possible into the new year and beyond. Having fully stocked supplies in place, including key sleeves and PPE, is vital to ensure your hotel functions safely and efficiently from check-in to check-out.

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