We are excited to share with you that we have launched our new website HotelSupplyHQ.com

HotelSupplyHQ.com is a fast and convenient way to go beyond our usual hotel supplies. Some of our usual items include: key cards, key card holders, do not disturb signs, hotel pens, and hotel notepads. In order to find those unique branded keepsakes and customized items, we have created HotelSupplyHQ. With these items, you are now enabling your guests to bring more of their vacation experience home with them.

With our expansive website, you will now be able to purchase your favorite products online. By purchasing online, our customers don’t have to call or schedule an appointment with us every time.  As much as we enjoy our time with each of our clients, we want to streamline the process to make ordering easier for you and your team. 

Our customers – front desk managers and hotel operators – are excited about HotelSupplyHQ.com. Not only is HotelSupplyHQ an extension of FrontDeskSupply.com, but it provides decision-makers with the flexibility of reordering existing hotel supplies. Additionally, it also expands our offerings by featuring new and interesting items that guests will want to take home with them.  

Supplying diverse products is just one reason why our customers like partnering with Front Desk Supply.  We offer customized design solutions and excellent service.  

Some of the branded hotel supplies that you can find on HotelSupplyHQ.com site range from hotel umbrellas to wine glasses. For this reason, this new site is the hotel supply buyers’ dream.

If you are ready to give HotelSupplyHQ a try, go to HotelSupplyHQ, find your favorite products, add them to your shopping cart and check out. 

As always, if you would still rather order your monthly supplies with the help of one of our knowledgeable employees, we will continue to have our Front Desk Supply website. We would be glad to assist you. 

For years, Front Desk Supply has provided boutique and independent hotels essential items for your operation. As a result, our design and sales team is excited to help you. We help you find new products that your guests will love, and that will differentiate your boutique hotel from the rest.

In conjunction with the launch of our new site, we are offering a special discount during the month of October.  New customers placing a $500 order or more will receive $75 off. To learn more about our discount, click here. 

Check out our new site for first access to our unique supply of customizable products as well as your usual favorite hotel supplies. Prefer to talk to us right now? Give us a call at 1-888-859-2061 or email us at info@frontdesksupply.com.