To be a leader in the hospitality supply industry, we need a team of the best and brightest behind the scenes. That includes our professional partners, who make everything we do possible! 

For reliable shipping, Front Desk Supply depends on FedEx to bring the products you need to your boutique hotel or motel when you need them. This week, we spoke with our FedEx partner, Allison Era, to give you a glimpse behind the shipping curtain.

Allison, tell us how you handle shipping efficiencies and issues for our valued clients. 

FedEx likes to keep customers informed on any issues right away. We know communication is important for our customers, so I do my best to stay ahead of any problems my customers have while shipping. FedEx is also an ever-changing company, so I do my best to keep my customers updated on any changes that may affect their business.

Tell us how you jump into action to help when packages are delayed.

At FedEx, we utilize an escalated customer service contact to help when packages are delayed or lost. We are by no means perfect with every package, but we move quickly on concerns from customers if a package is delayed or possibly lost. This contact typically responds within a couple of hours to help us get things moving.

FedEx has helped small businesses struggling during COVID-19. What happens behind the scenes?

We meet every quarter to make sure the rates customers are receiving are aligned with their growth. We want to support our customers through tough times, like COVID-19, as well as when they are growing. Doing quarterly business reviews helps us keep aggressive and competitive rates for customers.

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