Benefits of Wooden Key Cards?

Many companies in the hospitality industry are starting to phase out plastic materials whenever feasible. Over 80% of Americans are concerned about the environmental impact of plastic, and your hotel might receive a large number of guests who feel the same way. Wooden key cards make an excellent alternative to plastic ones. Believe it or not, wooden key cards are surprisingly budget-friendly, and they’re just as secure, efficient, and durable as your standard room keys. Let’s cover 3 benefits of wooden hotel key cards.

1. Boutique-Quality

Boutique and independent hotels can benefit the most from wooden key cards.

Ask yourself: what makes your hotel “boutique?”

Your hotel might be an older building with a vintage style and wood finishings. Everything your guests see and touch is more stylish and refined, which adds to the intimate atmosphere.

Plastic material is synonymous with “mass production,” and it clashes with the vibe of most boutique hotels. Wood is a much nicer material that is chic and upscale.

Of course, you don’t want your key cards made from thin, coarse wood that easily splinters. You need wooden key cards that are made from strong, finished wood, like what we use at Front Desk Supply. We make sure our wooden key cards look and feel as polished as a beautiful, vintage writing desk.

2. Suitable for Eco Lodges

Wooden key cards are a necessity for eco-hotels and eco-lodges. There’s no better way to weave nature into the guest experience than by using key cards made from natural materials.

You might be wondering: don’t you have to cut down trees to make wooden key cards?


Front Desk Supply specializes in eco-friendly key cards that are made from recycled wood, so you can minimize your environmental impact and uphold your sustainability measures.

3. Popular with Younger Demographics

Your hotel might benefit from wooden key cards if your guests trend younger.

Generally, younger people feel more strongly about sustainability. If a large percentage of your hotel guests are Millennials, Generation Z, or families, you could earn some brownie points by opting for recycled wooden key cards.

Key cards aren’t the only eco-friendly hotel product you can use in your hotel. You can also use eco-friendly signage, pens, notebooks, and notepads.

4. Memorable

Wooden key cards are unique! Your guests will probably remember wooden room keys better than plastic keys, giving you another way to distinguish your hotel in the minds of guests and make their stay more memorable.

Where Can You Order Wooden Key Cards and Eco-Friendly Supplies?

Contact Front Desk Supply today if you think your hotel could benefit from wooden key cards. We can help you customize your key cards with your hotel’s logo and make sure they’re compatible with the locks you’re using on your property.

Need a large quantity of key cards? We’ll give you 10% off when your order exceeds $800. Earn higher savings with bigger shipments.