When it’s time to reorder your hotel pens, do you take a minute to consider what your guests will think about them or how they will use them? 

Some may jot down a note or two; others may use those pens for a lot more and a lot longer than their stay at your property.

Plain and simple: Hotel pens are more popular than you may think. Don’t believe us?  Here’s what guests like yours have to say about their love for hotel pens.  It may sound strange, but they often believe your pens are better than any regular store-bought pen. 

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If you’ve placed the right product in the room you win in two ways; they get a writing utensil that they see as an added value, and they take your branded pen with you everywhere they go.  Some even brag about your pens to others!

If you don’t know where to start, we’ve polled some of our sales staff and some of our clients. Here’s what they say about their favorite pens:

Let’s start with Desiree; she could only narrow it down to three pens that we offer.

Desiree – Blair Pen / Phoenix Pen / Barton pen 

“Among the many options included in our product lineup, three pens stand out to me the most. The Blair, Phoenix, and Barton are items at three different price points that share a few key traits that make them fantastic choices for anyone looking to make a lasting impression on their guests. Not only will guests want to take these items home with them, but reach for them as their go-to writing instruments due to their sleek and modern appearance.”  

We can’t blame Desiree; those are three great pens.   Mackenzie when with a classic and one of our bestsellers at Front Desk Supply. 

Mackenzie – Orbit Pen – Bestseller

The Orbit pen is one of our best selling hotel pens
Orbit Pen

“My favorite pen is the Orbit!  I like the contoured design and the grip pad, which adds comfort and style. I also love that this is a smooth writing pen, so the flow of the pen is easy and subtle. This is really affordable for an upgraded click style pen with a variety of bold colors!”

Bold indeed Mackenzie!  Jasmin broke down two pens she likes based on price point.

Jasmin – Challenger II pen + Geneva Gel

“My economy pen pick is the Challenger II because of the slim barrel and UltraFlow Hybrid Ink. The 1 mm pen tip also allows for a more clean and precise feel while writing. It gives the impression of a higher quality pen without the higher quality cost.” 

“My premium pen pick is the Geneva Gel because of the gel ink and chrome details. The barrel is a bit wider than the Challenger II, the ink is a darker black than standard black ballpoint ink, and it writes smoothly.”

What Our Clients Say

We talked to our clients at Boyne Highlands Hotel to learn how they decided what personalized hotel pen was right for them:

Mativo Pen

“We chose the Mativo pen because it’s very sharp-looking, and the stylist feature is a great bonus! Plus it was so easy for our marketing to work with the Front Desk Supply design team on adding our logo to the pen.” 

Boyne Highlands Hotel’s team shared their guests’ reaction to the pens: “Oh my gosh this is such an amazing pen, may I keep one?  They write very smoothly” They also get a lot of comments on how cool the stylus is.

The Mativo pen is the perfect fit for the Boyne Highlands Hotel. For Suzanne Perras-Legg, with Little Sur Inn/ Moonstone Landing, they wanted a pen that would fit with their brand.  They went with the Zling pen.

Zling Pen

“Guests love our pens.  We chose the Zling pen because of its simplicity and color choices.  The color goes great with our logo and beach theme. Ordering through Front Desk Supply is a breeze. The staff is very attentive to our needs, is knowledgeable, and is very helpful getting us up to speed with our marketing supplies.”

The only thing left is to start customizing the right pen for your property.

Front Desk Supply has a multitude of hotel pen options.  Our customization team can work with your team to discuss the ideal specifications you and your guests are searching for in a pen. Do you want to look at the best hotel pens or the top personalized hotel pens for your guests?  We can show them to you and help you find the perfect fit.  

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