Best Hotel Supplies for Military Lodges

If you manage an on-base military hotel, you have the unique mission of delivering an excellent guest experience while dealing with extremely tight budgets.

You might not have the budget or resources of a major hotel chain, but you can create a more luxurious experience for service members and their families by using a few custom hotel supplies in the right way.

Here are a few hotel supplies that will help you improve the guest experience at your military lodge while minimizing your costs.

It Starts with the Key Card

Of all the hotel supplies at your property, your key cards have the biggest impact on your guest experience. 

Military lodges often use LoCo magnetic key cards. This type of key card is easily demagnetized, which frustrates your guests and creates more work for your front desk staff.

You can easily fix this issue by upgrading to MidCo or HiCo magnetic key cards, which are more difficult to demagnetize inadvertently and are still compatible with your current locks and access management software. In most cases, you only have to make a simple software upgrade (Front Desk Supply can help you through this process).

RFID key cards are another great option for you—with these key cards, you only need to tap them against the door lock to gain access. While RFID key cards are a little more expensive than magnetic key cards, they’re also more durable and don’t get worn out as quickly, which saves you money in the long run.

With Front Desk Supply, you can customize your key cards with the logo of your hotel or military lodging brand. You could also add the insignia of the military branch, images of the base, or photos of the local area.  This ensures all that pride comes through for every guest visiting their loved ones or for training and meetings.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can also order key sleeves to complement your key cards. Key sleeves boost the presentation of the front desk and they’re fairly cost-effective.

Make it Classy with Custom Stationery

Every classy hotel has beautiful stationery that’s customized with the hotel logo or branding elements. Here are a few types of stationery that will dazzle your guests:

  • In-Room Notepads
  • Custom Pens
  • Letterheads & Envelopes
  • Greeting Cards

How can your military lodge save money when ordering stationery?

For notepads, we recommend ordering 25-page notepads. In most cases, notepads will be left in the room and can be used for multiple guests, so 25 should give you lots of mileage for the lowest cost.

Single-color stationery is the most cost-effective option for military lodges, and it looks great when customized with logos and other simplistic military lodge visuals.

For envelopes, you can save money by ordering in bulk. Larger shipments are always more cost-effective, and you can simply email us for another batch whenever you start to run low.

Add Luxury Signage

Another simple and cost-effective way to boost the presentation of your military lodge is to add luxury Do Not Disturb signs.

Paper or plastic DND signs get damaged more easily, which costs you money because you have to keep replacing them. With Front Desk Supply, you can order custom DND signage made from polished wood or fabric. Not only do these look more luxurious, but they’re much more durable than standard signage.

Raise Comfort and Lower Costs

Even though your military lodge has to work with tight budgets, you can create a more comfortable and luxurious stay for your hotel guests without going over budget.

Contact Front Desk Supply today if you’re ready to enhance your military lodge with cost-effective, but elegant hotel supplies. Our free design service can help you customize your hotel supplies however you want, and you’ll always have an account manager that’s ready to assist.  We can work with you to get the most bang for the buck.