Best Summer Sundry Items for Your Hotel Gift Shop

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to fill your hotel gift shop with sundry items that will help your guests have more fun in the sun!

Of course, you’ll need to re-stock your sunscreen and aloe vera, but there are other useful sundry items offered by Front Desk Supply that you can customize with your hotel logo.

Here are the 5 best summer sundry items for your hotel gift shop.

1. Hats & Visors

Does your area get blazing sunshine in the summer? Your guests might need headwear to protect their heads and hair.

Hats are one of those items that many hotel guests forget to pack, and they’ll check your gift shop for a quick purchase before they head out on their daily adventures.

Hotel guests are usually looking for something fun and functional, so consider adding a custom design to your hats. When you add your hotel logo or brand imagery, you’ll turn these sundry items into souvenirs.

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2. Shirts & Tanks

Like headwear, guests may buy shirts and tanks if they didn’t pack suitable summer outfits, so it’s good to stock your gift shop with a variety of men’s and women’s shirts and tank tops. Like the headwear, you should customize all of these wearable sundry items with your hotel logo or brand imagery.

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3. Flutes

While your guests are lounging by the pool or spending time outdoors, they’ll want to enjoy refreshing summer sips! Have flutes and tumblers in your gift shop so your hotel guests can keep their drinks cool.

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4. Water Bottles

Another sundry item that’s essential for summer—which is also neglected by many hotel guests—is a reusable water bottle. If your hotel has water filling stations on property, then you should definitely offer water bottles in your gift shop.

Reusable water bottles keep your guests from constantly having to buy plastic water bottles, which makes their stay more convenient and is also better for the environment.

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5. Beach Bags

Do you manage a beach hotel? One sundry item that’s useful for these properties is a beach bag.

Beach bags make it easy for your guests to carry all their belongings down to the beach, such as their towels, beach reads, sunscreen, and snacks.

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Set Up Your Gift Shop for Summer

Another great one are our Wooden DND signs — several of the hotels we work with started selling them in the gift shop after seeing too many “disappearing”!

Get higher sales from your gift shop this summer by ordering customizable summer sundry items with Front Desk Supply. We offer a free graphics service to assist you in creating designs. Contact us today to get a quote.