Our hotel customers are regularly looking for new ways to attract a steady flow of meetings and conferences to the hotel. One great concept that provides great customer satisfaction and also possible additional revenue opportunities is the use of specialty key cards.
Access Marketing can help: First, we assist both the hotel and the meeting planner in making the process as seamless as possible. We work directly with the Meeting Planner to help develop the key card and get it there in time for the meeting. We also work with the hotel to ensure we are producing the right key for them by checking on the type of magnetic stripe.
These cards are a great tool for both the hotel and the attendee:

  • Hotels: We offer a discount to our hotel customers on the key cards, so that they can mark-up the key card and offer to the meeting at a premium. Since we handle all the coordination of the key cards, this is an easy way to bring in additional revenue for meetings and conferences. If revenue is secondary to customer service, this can become a very low cost way to offer the meeting attendees something other hotels are not – specialty key cards promoting the event.
  • Meeting Planners: Specialty keys can easily become a sponsorship opportunity that covers the cost of the key card and a profit for the hosting organization. Access Marketing makes the process very easy and hands-off for the Meeting Planner – we just need the dates of the event and a contact! As with hotels, if the Meeting Planner doesn’t want to seek sponsors, specialty keys are a low cost way to promote the event to attendees: add the agenda to the key to ensure everyone always knows where they need to be, include night time activities on the card to excite attendees. Lots of other ideas!

Access Marketing: Seamless production of specialty keys for Hotels and Meeting Planners alike which enhance customer service and/or revenue.