Key cards are one of the supplies every hotel must provide. While these are one of the least expensive items the hotel must purchase, they are a great way to increase the hotel’s branding efforts. These are often seen 5 to 10 times a day – one of the best advertising mediums out there! For just a slight premium above generic key cards, you are able to fully customize the key card for your guest. For just pennies, you can:

  • Provide every guest with a “business card”: There are so many “business card” uses of a key card: it helps if the guest needs to let a taxi driver know where the guest is staying, if the guest keeps the card, it provides a ready reminder of where to stay the next time, and it further strengthens any branding efforts.
  • More importantly, it can be a very inexpensive way to advertise the hotel’s services and in-house facilities. If the card’s graphics are able to alert the guests to use the spa, restaurant or bar and it increases the sales, it quickly pays for the cost of the cards in no time at all. If your hotel does not have on-site facilities, this becomes a way to look for local restaurants and bars to sponsor your key cards and most likely add some additional revenue.

Access Marketing: Providing custom key cards to increase future visits and maximize the use of in-house facilities.