With the Fed raising consumer interest rates and travel demand remaining high, it’s hard for hotel managers to take a breath and stay ahead. A surge in travel that is projected to continue past peak season means hotels need to stock up faster and sooner than expected. Front Desk Supply is doing all we can to help clients during this time of high customer demand and prices

Front Desk Managers need hotel supplies as part of their business, and choosing items like branded hotel pens make a bigger impact than generic hotel products.

Popular Custom Branded Hotel Supplies

To support Front Desk Managers during these demanding times, Front Desk Supply is continuing to keep pricing below market demand. Check out some of the most popular branded hotel supplies to help project a strong brand image and please guests.

Branded hotel pens, for example, are used frequently by Front Desk Managers and guests. They may be carried throughout the property and sometimes go home with guests. Branded materials show where a guest has been and reminds them where they stayed and the positive memories behind it. Even an item as small as a hotel pen may convince them to stay. 

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Best in Class Products & Services for Front Desk Managers

Our dedication to making your guests’ stay more memorable and your hotel more profitable™ starts with our commitment to helping your business. Custom hotel supplies are your best option for hotel marketing that lasts. 

Properties that provide guests with the hotel supplies they need, a more personal touch, and exemplary customer service will be rewarded with repeat business, referrals, and positive reviews online and on social media. 

Custom hotel pens, hotel key cards, and even key sleeves can be branded with your logo for a consistent look across your property. Front Desk Supply is your one-stop source for these branded hospitality items and more. Check out our full catalog of hotel supplies.

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Navigating Demand for Hotel Supplies

To make sure your important everyday hotel supplies are well stocked, we suggest you order frequently, and order slightly more than you need on the products you run out of most often. It’s a good idea to order your supplies well in advance to avoid running out and having to wait on orders. 

Do you have the hotel supplies your front desk manager needs every day to make for a seamless experience to keep your guests delighted and coming back? 

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At Front Desk Supply, not only are we able to design the perfect custom hotel branding for your hotel pens, we offer options for a variety of custom designed hotel supplies. From custom design hotel room keys and key sleeves to bag tags and staff ID badges, be assured you can find all your needs from one hotel supplier, conveniently and confidently, providing one-stop shopping that saves time and ease of fulfilling all your hotel supply needs.

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