In order to create a memorable guest experience, it’s important for independent and boutique hotels to have branding that makes people feel something. 

From the font to the color scheme, all of your hotel’s amenities and marketing materials should flow together effortlessly. As you dig deeper into your hotel’s brand, take notice of how you communicate with guests through visuals, voice, and tone. All of these aspects will make up how a guest feels during their stay. 

At Front Desk Supply, our team is committed to serving the hospitality industry through materials that will enhance your guests’ experience. 

Reach out to us to design custom supplies that are unique to your hotel. Our team will be happy to assist you.

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Bundling products is the best way to ensure your brand identity is cohesive. 

Here are a few of our client’s favorite products to bundle: 

Do Not Disturb Signs and Table Top/Desk Top Signs

When guests enter their room, the first thing they notice is how every element ties together to create an enjoyable environment. In-room signage such as Do Not Disturb signs paired with Table and Desk signs all help create the way a guest feels in their given space. Each hotel has its own style, and with signs, they can play on their unique personality. 

Key Cards And Key Holders

The most common way in which we see our clients bundle products is with room key cards and key holders. Because these products go hand-in-hand, it is easy to incorporate style and personality together. By combining the creative process, boutique hotels are able to provide their guests with a fluid design between the two products. 

Luggage Tags And Parking Permits

Before guests have the chance to check-in, they are greeted by a welcoming valet staff. This is the first impression they will have of their stay. To immediately create an environment that meets their expectations, it is vital to pay attention to every brand detail. Luggage tags and parking permits are the very first brand materials they will have in their hands. This creates a huge opportunity to combine designs and styles for a consistent, clean look. 

Notepads And Pens

Creating a smooth brand image through marketing products can be most effective through notepads and pens. This is because guests tend to take these materials home. As one of the more memorable bundles, boutique hotels can take advantage and design a bundle that represents their hotel far beyond their location. 

Guests will love the amazing amenities your boutique hotel offers, but what they will remember is how their experience made them feel. Creating a consistent brand is key to sparking memorable, positive feelings. 

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