Exceptional customer service is a high priority in every industry, but it is especially important in the hotel business. When booking a weekend stay, guests are looking for a memorable experience and dynamic customer service that extends beyond the standard expectation. 

As a guest, a great hotel experience is much more than the room and pool amenities; it is about the connection the hotel team makes with their guests. Two key roles that help create this memorable stay are the hotel’s concierge and valet. 

At Front Desk Supply, we understand that in order to provide guests with outstanding service, you need to have the necessities. We work with independent and boutique hotels all across the country to create personalized goods such as key cards, pens, luggage tags, concierge tags, valet tags, and parking permits

Hotel concierges go above and beyond for their guests. Their unlimited resources are what help create the perfect getaway for those who have never visited the area. The valet team members are the first people to greet guests and the last they encounter as they leave. Both of these roles must have a warm, welcoming presence that guests will remember long after their visit. 

We did some research on how customers respond to great valet and concierge services: 

Yes, The Little Things Matter

Adam Kealoha Causey showed his gratitude for the valet team at Caesar’s Palace by snapping a photo as he left. Not worrying about parking may seem like a minor concern, but it means a lot to guests. He said, “Thanks to the @CaesarsPalace valet man who hooked me up with a parking spot #tipyourvalet.” 

The Whole Package Service 

Sure, a comfortable and clean room can ‘wow’ guests, but how they spend their time outside of the room is what is really important. Nick Coleman’s trip to Las Vegas was anything but boring, thanks to the help of his concierge. He said, “Just ended another amazing trip to the @Cosmopolitan_LV. Excellent meal @eatblueribbon, and the concierge hooked us up with some amazing golf @CascataGolf. Can’t say enough good things about this hotel!!” 

To A Guest, Concierges Can Be Superheroes 

Many guests rely on the hotel staff to help them with just about everything during their stay. Luckily, Joe Wyndham’s concierge was able to do that, and more. He shared, “Concierge Inna @JWMarriottVan just saved the day for me in #Vancouver. A fab hotel with excellent staff with superb local know how- thank you @Marriott @MarriottIntl.” 

A Guest’s Experience Should Be Anything But “Ruff” 

Brenna’s experience with the hotel concierge was unordinary but exceptionally better than what she could have expected. She said, “Had the most excellent surprise upon checking into my hotel after a long drive: The hotel employs a dog concierge. DOG. CONCIERGE.” After all, what’s better than a cute, furry friend to greet you after hours of traveling? 

A Great Concierge Cares About The Details

Jordan Ault’s concierge was not about to let the magic of the tooth fairy be stopped just because they weren’t sleeping at home. She went out of her way to make sure his daughter wasn’t disappointed upon waking up. He said, “Hey @Mariott – Our family recently stayed at @MHMarquisWDC. My daughter lost her first tooth and was terrified the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t find her. We told the concierge, who assured us the hotel had “Fairy Keys,” and she would take care of it. Thanks for the excellent service!” 

Creating Relationships Are Key To A Successful Stay

George Harlan knows that making friends with the hotel staff is always a good idea, especially with the people who are taking care of your car. He shared, “Idc (I don’t care) what anyone says. If you go to the hotel, the best person to make friends with is the valet- end of story.” 

Great customer service creates not only positive reviews to share online but a long-term relationship that is more valuable than just a one-weekend stay at your boutique hotel. 

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