For any independent and boutique hotel, genuine customer satisfaction is everything. It is what builds loyalty and keeps them coming back time and time again. Ready to greet guests the second they walk in the door, the hotel concierge is their go-to person for anything they need during their stay. 

A hotel concierge is more than the person who checks in guests; they are the face of your hotel. Any issues guests have to go directly to the concierge to get taken care of. From advice for the best local restaurants to leaving their luggage unattended, the concierge is always at their service. 

At Front Desk Supply, we help independent and boutique hotels provide excellent service to their guests through our wide variety of customizable hotel goods such as do not disturb signs, key cards, notepads, parking permits, concierge tags, and luggage tags

Because travel can often bring stress, guest expectations are high. It is essential for concierges to have proper systems in place when it comes to keeping track of their guests’ personal belongings. 


Keeping luggage organized is extremely important for a smooth check-in and check-out process. With hundreds of guests traveling in just one day, luggage can easily get misplaced in the chaos. As a concierge, being detail-oriented and tagging every single luggage will help establish a system for guests who are waiting for their room to be ready and for guests who have checked out but are still adventuring your city. As soon as the luggage is in the hands of your hotel team, it should be tagged and placed in order. 


Hotel guests put a lot of trust in your team. When they leave the hotel to enjoy their day, the last thing they should be worrying about is the safety of their personal belongings. Proving to your guests that their luggage will be protected and accounted for creates a trusting relationship. Be sure to keep everything together and locked away until their room is available. Their experience with luggage safety will make or break the overall satisfaction of their stay. 


As the face of your boutique hotel, there is a level of professionalism each concierge should meet. Hotel guests value the luggage services provided because it takes one more stressor off of their plate. Each team member should know who the luggage belongs to and where it is supposed to go. Providing an exceptional guest experience means that the concierge treats and respects guests’ luggage like it is their own. 

Boutique hotels thrive on the quality of service they offer their guests. Concierges are the main points of contact for guests, and it’s up to them to go above and beyond to provide a memorable stay.  

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