Stashed away in the crevices of many wallets, you can find at least one old hotel key card. As the most common keepsake for hotel guests, room keys can be a way your guests remember their hotel experience. 

In the hotel industry, guest satisfaction is everything, which encourages hotels to enhance these experiences in any way they can. Customized hotel key cards are a great way to take customer service one step further. 

At Front Desk Supply, key cards are one of our most popular products. We have provided clients with a wide variety of unique room keys that express each boutique hotel’s personality. If you are looking to customize your cards, reach out to us, and our team will happily assist you.  

Traditional, plain hotel room keys are a thing of the past. This is how hotels are customizing their key cards: 

Keeping It Classic 

The charm of each independent hotel is unique to them. While some boutique hotels are known for their edgy appeal, some prefer to provide a more relaxed feel. This atmosphere can be shown through hotel key cards. A common design that many hotels go for is minimalistic and clean. The classic look of the hotel’s logo paired with a prominent color in the background creates a statement in a subtle manner. 

A Gorgeous View 

Many boutique hotels are so gorgeous that some guests wouldn’t mind avoiding check out for a few more nights. Hotel room keys can showcase this with beautiful photos of different aspects of the hotel, such as the pool, golf course, or spa. By adding a photo of the hotel and it’s amenities, guests are given a glimpse of what their stay is going to be like. 

Embracing The Holiday Season 

Around the holidays, guests are looking for a festive getaway that also brings them comforting feelings of home. Between a cozy fireplace, big Christmas tree, and lights, the perfect way to enhance a hotel’s holiday decorations is through their room keys. At Front Desk Supply, we combat the busiest season of the year by providing boutique hotels with holiday designs for their room keys. Many of our customers order key cards with their hotel covered in a blanket of snow. 

Detailed And Informative 

Along with an aesthetically pleasing design, hotel key cards can be utilized to provide helpful information that guests might need during their stay. The back of room keys is a great place to include things like how-to instructions, contact information, and promotions for on-site facilities. Guests appreciate the convenience of having this on their hotel key card. 

Not only do key cards give your guests access to their rooms, but they are also an opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality and customer service. 

December Special: 

How does your boutique hotel create value in the details of a guest’s stay? Hotel room keys are a special touch to your hotel’s experience that cannot be ignored. 

For the month of December, we are offering $75 off any new key card order!

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