They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. We say that a creative, well-placed sign can do just the same! This summer, ensure that hotel guests are guided by intriguing signage to help them navigate your hotel building and their rooms. Proper signage makes a difference for guests, because they have the information they need on hand without having to go far or ask for it.

There are a few things to consider: where the sign will go, what it will say, if it will be used more than once, and the size. Hospitality businesses rely on signage to relay specific or important information. 

With the right sign, you can guide guests in the right direction – but what kind should you get?

Door Handle Sign

One of the most popular hotel signage options is the door handle sign. This practical product hangs on door handles and is versatile for displaying information or needs. The most popular use for this option is a Do Not Disturb sign. You can also use a door handle sign for menus and “service please” messages. You can get creative with your signage for the summer season or go with a theme based on your hotel to add your flair.

Need inspiration? See examples of how hotels brand their products.

Tent-Shaped Sign

This eye-catching option is a great option for relaying important information. Tent-shaped signs can be placed on tables and counters where they can deliver important information to guests. They are a great option for rooms and dining areas. A creative way to use a tent-shaped sign is to have it communicate your seasonal offerings or advertise for the hotel. For example, restaurants can use this sign to share summer drink specials on one side and advertise your spa on the other.

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L-Shaped Signage

L-shaped signs are great for long-term use! They’re sturdier and are perfect to use as reminders for guests all over your hotel. A few examples of signage include smoking policy signs, information about water conservation efforts, and coffee machine signage. When it comes to creative summer uses, consider using this sign as a poolside guide. Use this sign for outdoor cabanas or tables for guests to let them know where they can locate towels, as well as other pool services.

Custom Die-Cut Sign

You want the best for your hotel supplies. If none of the other options felt quite right, don’t worry–you can customize your die-cut sign with Front Desk Supply! Whether it’s a novelty shape, like an animal or surfboard, or a brilliant design that needs a custom shape to show off its flair, our team can help. The choice for shape and design is entirely yours, so get creative with it. 

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