With the busy season looming ahead, it’s important to get the hotel supplies you need, exactly the way you want them. Guests are more likely to remember you when you have custom hotel supplies! Bag tags are a great example of products with longevity because they tend to follow guests home. Discover why ordering custom bag tags from Front Desk Supply is your best option.

Best Custom Bag Tags Options

When it comes to bag tags, it’s important to find what you need and customize these products to suit your hotel’s image. Whether it’s large or small, it’s best to have options. We’ve discussed the advantages of using custom hotel supplies over generic, and the consensus is that generic products do not offer the same longevity, nor the memorability, that custom products do. Front Desk Supply carries several custom bag tags to choose from. Request a quote from our team to discover your best options.

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Variety of Hotel Supplies

Not only are you able to find options for custom bag tags, but you can also find a variety of hotel supplies at Front Desk Supply.  From bag tags to key cards to staff ID badges, you can find all you need from one hotel supplier – one-stop shopping saves time and ensures that new employees only need to remember one supply! A problem that hotel managers face is finding one supplier that carries a range of products, rather than a network of suppliers for single products and Front Desk Supply fits the bill! Front Desk Supply works with clients to produce and deliver branded products. Due to supply chain delays and difficulty sourcing paper products, lead times are longer and we are doing our best to find backup options and keep up our supply of generic products, so our customers have the supplies they need.

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Free Design Services for Custom Products

We can help you create the best custom bag tags for your hotel and best of all, it’s complimentary. When you order custom hotel supplies from Front Desk Supply, you receive free design services. Let our team work with you to create a design you’ll love and wow your guests! 

Talk to our team for more information about setting up monthly orders for the items that your guests love and enjoy. 

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Order Hotel Products from Front Desk Supply

Front Desk Supply is a leading hotel supplier for the hospitality industry. We offer a wide range of hotel supply products, such as custom pens, hotel key cards, key card sleeves, and more. From boutique hotels to nationwide hotel chains, we have a selection of generic hotel supplies and offer custom hotel supply orders. 

If you have a question or need a quote for a custom order, you can get in touch with our team through our contact form or by calling (888)-859-2061.