We know that your hotel guests sometimes can’t help but grab that travel-sized luxury shampoo, tuck away an extra shower cap or two, or forget a custom pen behind their ear. Sometimes your guests will even take your in-room promotional items as a souvenir or keepsake from their trip, this happens more often with custom do-not-disturb signs, branded notebooks, and even custom drinkware.

As a hotel manager, you understand that these branded items can act as small trinkets to remind your guests of the incredible guest experience they had at your hotel. As leading experts in custom hotel amenities, we understand the importance of creating amenities that are so beautiful and memorable that guests will want to take them (even if you frown upon it.)

“I have personally heard from many of our clients that guests tend to take one item of ours more than any other,” says Mark Zisek, Director of Commercial Operations for Front Desk Supply. “Hotel guests love our custom, environmentally-friendly, wooden do-not-disturb sign.”

What’s Special About this Do-Not-Disturb Sign?

Our hardwood signs can be custom engraved with your hotel logo or color printed with a smooth and beautiful finish. These signs are environmentally friendly and won’t create more single-use plastics that pollute the planet.

The hanger can be made of customized rope or ribbon to match the branding of your hotel. These signs are high-end, luxurious, and sturdy, which is why they so often catch the attention of guests and are taken from hotel rooms. These signs are great off-the-property advertising that guests will keep with them for a long time to come.

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Front Desk Supply’s Custom Do-Not-Disturb Signs

Front Desk Supply offers custom hotel signs and do-not-disturb signs available in different colors, shapes, and materials. Whether you want budget-friendly options made of paper and PVC, or luxury products made of wood or metal, our custom design services can provide you with the signage you need to give your guests the best experience.

Front Desk Supply works with hotels of all sizes, from the most cost-conscious to luxury properties. We are an experienced and proven partner that ships millions of products to locations in 49 states every year. Our products always meet your standards and, in turn, will meet the standards of your guests.

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