Discover 2023 design trends for custom hotel signage.Hotel signs are far from inconspicuous details in the guest experience – often, custom hotel signage is the first type of informational material a guest will encounter, even before they have a chance to interact with hotel staff. Signs help guests navigate their way around the hotel, deliver important information, answer frequently asked questions, communicate rules and regulations, and allow guests to communicate with hotel staff.

Signs deserve special consideration when aiming to provide guests with the best experience. Hotels and boutiques needing custom privacy signs, do-not-disturb signs, in-room signs, and lobby signs can rely on the custom hotel amenity supplier like Front Desk Supply for their needs.

Four Design Trends to Consider for Your Custom Hotel Signage

Trends for Q2 and the rest of the year emphasize designs that are straightforward, authentic, and accessible. Following these four trends surrounding hotel signs ensures that guests have the best possible first impression:

Eco-Friendly Hotel Supplies

The desire by travelers for environmentally friendly hotel experiences continues to grow with every passing year. Guests desire amenity solutions that don’t put excess paper and plastic into the environment.

Hotel amenities like custom hotel signage can be made environmentally friendly by using non-traditional materials. Recycled plastic and PVC administrative signs reuse materials to create eco-friendly hotel products that do not change the user experience. Hoteliers may also invest in door signs made of recycled wood, bamboo, or seed paper.

Simple and Homey Boutique Hotel Experiences

Travelers are embracing the motif that “less is more.” Those traveling for a multitude of reasons, be it for work, leisure, or adventure, no longer need extravagant hotel experiences to enjoy their stay. Travelers are embracing homey experiences that feel catered for their comfort.

Hotel amenity design for 2023 is meeting the sensibilities of travelers by embracing simple designs that are informational and effective while avoiding looking too corporate. Hotels wanting to rethink their amenity designs should rely on an expert hotel amenity partner for guidance on customs products.

Custom and Accessible

In 2023, guests are embracing personal designs which meet their needs, wherever they may be. Hotel signs which meet these needs include signs which creatively meet ADA guidelines or include instructions in any language that may come through the hotel. Hotel signs will tell guests that they are embraced in the environment where they will be staying.

Signs as Art

In the digital and social media age, guests want hotel experiences they can photograph and share. User-generated content does a lot for hotels and boutiques, and hotel signs are a great opportunity for these businesses to get the snapshots of guest experiences that are perfect for sharing without having to do the work of hiring a photographer.

Hotel signs work best when they are both functional and beautiful. Signage creates atmosphere, and hoteliers can rely on their hotel amenity partner to create eye-catching designs guests won’t be able to stop thinking about.

Front Desk Supply is the premier hotel amenity supplier in the U.S. and provides a wide range of hotel signage sizes, shapes, colors, materials from simple to luxury. Front Desk Supply provides free design services with custom products. Our friendly staff can help hoteliers make the best custom design decisions for hotel guests.

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