As hotels and boutiques ramp up for end-of-the-year travel, it’s important to remember to celebrate the little things in life as well as the big things. Custom imprinted wine glasses are a must for any hotel celebration, and selecting the right design for the evening can guarantee that wine and laughter flow late into the night.

Champagne: The Traditional Drink of New Year’s Eve

The traditional drink for New Year’s Eve is, of course, sparkling champagne. Champagne is the international symbol of celebration and happiness — the perfect drink that will abound plentifully during New Year’s Eve, all the way through the night.

When drinking sparkling wine, it is imperative to use the appropriate wine glass, such as a flute, as opposed to a wide-brimmed wine glass. Traditional red or white glasses are designed to infuse air into the wine, which enhances the flavor of red or white wine, but may cause sparkling champagne to decarbonate too quickly.

For champagne, the best wine glasses are typically champagne flutes, champagne tulips, or coupes. Coupes have become trendy with those wanting a Gatsby feel to their New Year’s celebrations. Meanwhile, both flutes and tulips are longstanding choices because of their ability to hold a champagne’s carbonation, as well as give ease to drinkers.

Hotel guests can toast the night with these custom champagne glass options:

  • Waterford® Elegance Optic Belle Coupe Set of Two: Designed for the enjoyment of champagne and champagne cocktails, the Elegance Optic Belle Coupe features a large open bowl for flavor release and is rounded for full distribution of effervescence.
  • Farnham Flute: The tall stem and narrow cup of the Farnham Flute is perfect for keeping champagne vibrant and conversations flowing.
  • Boston Flute: The stemless Boston Flute is made of crystalline glass and features a fine rim and punt at the base to separate sediments from your sparkling wine or Champagne. This glass adds style and sophistication to any celebration.

Front Desk Supply offers many custom and imprinted champagne glasses with a wide range of prices for your hotel or boutique.

Other Popular Drinks and Custom Hotel Wine Glasses

Cocktails are equally desirable drinks for New Year’s Eve festivities. Popular choices for the occasion include gin and tonic, fruit punch sangria, or an old-fashioned negroni. Stemless wine glasses and tumblers make stylish additions to your hotel’s special offerings. A popular option from Front Desk Supply is Brunswick Stemless Wine Glasses, lead-free crystalline great for special celebrations.

For traditional red or white wine drinkers, hotels have a wide selection of glasses with prices ranging from a few dollars a glass to a couple hundred dollars for a set of two. Some Front Desk Supply products include:

  • Brunswick Burgundy Wine: The full, round glass of the Brunswick easily captures the aroma of robust red wine. The smaller bowls of the Brunswick collection complement white wines with narrow rims to direct the wine at the tip of the tongue to taste its delicate flavors.
  • Bartolo Wine – Deep Etch: The twisting wisps of glass inside the deep Bartolo bowls aerate your wine with every swirl.
  • 10 oz. Rioja White Wine Glasses: These festive glasses can be a customized keepsake that can be used for years to come.

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