First impressions have a huge impact on every hotel guest’s experience. There are countless contributing factors that include the cleanliness of the lobby, the attitudes of your staff, etc.

You can add another thing to that list: the appearance of your room keys.

When your room keys are well-presented—which means they’re placed in high-quality key card sleeves that reflect your hotel’s branding—you can flood your guests with excitement and give them immediate reassurance they picked the right hotel. The devil, as they say, is in the details.

If you haven’t had the time or resources to design custom key card sleeves, it’s easy with Front Desk Supply. We’ve collected a few simple design tips that will help you imagine how stunning your custom key sleeves could look.

These 3 design tips will help you figure out the basic design elements, and then our complimentary design service can take care of the rest.

1. Simplicity is Key

The nicest custom key card sleeves have simple designs. In most cases, the design elements on a key sleeve are limited to:

  • The hotel logo
  • One or two brand colors, or a white/black background
  • Lines or boxes to write-in the Wi-Fi password and room number

But what if you want your key sleeves to incorporate more information, like your hotel address, contact information, and amenity info? Here’s a few options for you:

  • Use a larger key card folder, which has more design real estate
  • Add the hotel’s address and contact information to the back of the key card (read more about our custom key cards)
  • Add a QR code to the key holder that contains a URL link

There’s one exception to the rule, and that’s if your key sleeves are doubling as coupons for partner restaurants and shops. Our design team at Front Desk Supply can help you design coupon key sleeves that look nice and aren’t overloaded with information.

However, it’s generally best to keep your custom key card sleeves looking bright and clean, just like your front desk. A clean presentation will help your guests better absorb the brand image that you’re trying to convey.

2. Mirror Your Brand

Your custom key card sleeves should reflect your brand as much as possible. You might consider adding one or two of your brand colors to make the sleeves pop, but you can also add other stylistic elements that bring out your brand identity.

For example, a luxury hotel with modern decor might want all-black key sleeves, with the hotel logo serving as the only contrast. The all-black design is a staple of modern luxury.

A hotel that’s located near the beach might choose nautical stripes. A hotel with a garden theme might want their key sleeves cut in the shape of an apple (Front Desk Supply can do custom die cuts to make unique shapes).

These touches can make a strong impression on your hotel guests.

3. Add the Icing on the Cake

The material that the key sleeve is made from is just as important as the colors and branding. Most hotels are fine with lightweight paper key sleeves, but you can make a stronger impression by using finer/thicker/textured materials. At Front Desk Supply, you can add elegant finishes to your key sleeves to give them a more luxurious look and feel.

If your hotel is going green, you might also be interested in eco-friendly key sleeves, which are made from recycled paper.

Order Your Custom Key Card Sleeves Today

Now that you have a few ideas on how you’d like your key sleeves to look, If you’re ready to get started or need a little more assistance, contact Front Desk Supply today. We have a complimentary design team that can bring your ideas to life or create a stunning design for you.

And why stop there? We can also help you design custom key cards, custom pens, and custom stationery with the same branding elements so you can knock out all of your branding and merchandise needs at once.