Knock, Knock! Who’s there? 

It’s Housekeeping, may we please clean your room?

When guests stay at your hotel, it is important to create an avenue for them to communicate with your hotel employees. For many, the Do Not Disturb sign, also called a door hanger, is the key to getting good sleep at your property, whether that begins at 8 pm or 8 am after an action-packed night.

Do Not Disturb signs are valuable assets to your hotel because they give your guests the space they need without interruption. The signs also allow people to open the lines of communication with you at their discretion. 


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Although many hotel operators and front desk managers may not think twice about Do Not Disturb signs, they can be integral to a guest’s restful stay at your boutique hotel. The signs can pass along information to your team, and they also can be quite entertaining.  We should know. Front Desk Supply helps many hotel properties with all types of supplies including key cards, key card sleeves, hotel pens and notepads, and many other supplies, including Do Not Disturb signs.

Here are some of our favorites Do Not Disturb signs used by some of our clients over the years.

Many guests like unique Do Not Disturb signs. We do too.

Some like them more than others.  

According to an interview with CNN, Edoardo Flores, a retired Italian UN worker, admitted that he has about 15,000 Do Not Disturb signs that he has been collecting for years. An item he randomly took home with him one day ended up being an item he saw value in. He began receiving multiple compliments on them and decided to continue his collection. After seeing his passion for Do Not Disturb signs, his friends and families began to add to his collection.

Surely Edoardo would have collected so many, if they were boring statements that said, “No, thank you, housekeeping.  We are fine.”

Like Eduardo, we believe that Do Not Disturb signs present an opportunity to add a spark of life and a touch of personality that will make your hotel stand out. With the customization of the aesthetic, messaging, and personality of these signs, you can ensure that your branding mirrors your hospitality.

It makes the hotel a place that the guests can associate with and feel comfortable.  People love connecting with brands that have personality. It doesn’t stop when your front desk associate hands your guests the key cards and points them to the elevator.  Everything that happens from check-in to check-out is part of that experience.  

How are you delivering something memorable?  Are you telling your message and using Do Not Disturb signs to your advantage?

At Front Desk Supply, we can help you find the items that align with your identity and personal branding. Our DND signs range from economy, standard, or luxury designs, and you have a number of options to choose from when it comes to materials.  They include paper, thick plastic, fabric, wood, or metal-based on your preferences. We’ve got it all!
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