The hospitality industry is expecting a boom this year as more people are inclined to travel as a result of feeling held back by the pandemic. After two years of restrictions on domestic travel, and with international travel into the U.S. resuming last November, vacationers are headed to hotels. Front Desk Supply keeps up with hospitality and travel trends to best assist hoteliers enhance their guests’ stay. Here’s what hoteliers should know about domestic travel and what guests are seeking in 2022.

Domestic Travel Will Increase

Americans feel more comfortable with traveling this year because they feel they are making up for lost time. Travel slowed after the pandemic hit, but since October 2021 travel spending had nearly reached 2019 levels. Winter holidays fueled travel in Q4 of 2021 and it’s not showing signs of stopping. According to Expedia’s 2022 travel trends report, 59% of U.S. travelers were only planning for domestic travel in 2022.

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Travel Spending is on the Rise

Hoteliers should know that travelers in 2022 are willing to spend more on a vacation. Now more than ever, there is an eagerness to get the most out of a vacation. Expedia reports that the “GOAT” (great of all trips) mindset is catapulting travel spending. The travel company also noted that 40% of U.S. travelers are spending more to enjoy the vacations they do take, and another 40% are willing to splurge on future trips.

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Guest Want New Experiences 

Another trend to note about guests planning on domestic travel: they want new experiences. Guests want to see culture, history, and invest in quality experiences that put them right into the heart of their destination. In Expedia’s report, 27% of Americans plan to enjoy what their destination has to offer. This also includes what hotels can offer guests. Consider adding package deals for hotel services or network with local businesses to offer activities in your city. 

With more opportunities for hotels to better serve their guests in 2022, hoteliers should keep these domestic travel trends in mind. 

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