As we enter another month of social distancing and rapid change, many hotels around the country are creating a new “normal.” Coronavirus has heavily impacted the hospitality industry, leaving many hotels struggling to occupy rooms. 

At Front Desk Supply, we are doing everything we can to support our hotel community. We will continue to provide hotels the necessary items to get them through this time. If your hotel needs supplies, reach out to us, and we will be happy to assist you. 

While we don’t know when this pandemic will end, we can put our best efforts to prepare and endure: 

Cleaning Supplies 

While keeping rooms and facilities clean is a main priority for any hotel all year round, it is even more important to sanitize thoroughly during COVID-19. With more time being spent cleaning, your hotel must stay prepared and stocked up on cleaning supplies. The CDC created guidelines on how to properly clean facilities, specifically advising how to clean items such as laundry and electronics- both of which are heavily used in hotels. 

Masks and Gloves

Masks and gloves are essential items to have stocked for your team. As the CDC continues to push the significance of wearing face masks, your hotel should have them readily available for employees. Your team will be coming in contact with guests in multiple areas, therefore masks and gloves are currently the best approach to help protect them and those around.

Hand Sanitizer

Because hotels have multiple touch points, hand sanitizer is needed to limit germ exposure. Hotel staff and guests should be able to access sanitizing stations all throughout the hotel. Even after this pandemic is over, hand sanitizers should be kept in place to ensure cleanliness. This will give guests and team members peace of mind. 

Key Cards 

With or without a pandemic, key cards are an essential part of hotels. Take advantage of room key usage by including informative and educational information that will help them stay safe and healthy. Currently, our team is offering a unique special for hotel key cards. With the help of our graphic designers, we can turn any design you need into a key card. During this time, all hotel room keys will be offered at a discounted price. Learn more on how we can help you

Front Desk Supply is here to offer support to your hotel during this time. We understand how unsettling this experience is and are dedicated to providing your hotel with everything necessary to succeed. 

In order to keep our team healthy and safe, we have taken precautions, and all team members that are not needed in production or warehousing activities are working from home. Further, we have built additional redundancy in our supply network. Although we have not experienced any significant delays in our supply chain, we will continue to monitor changes and will utilize alternate vendors if needed to ensure we can hold to our normal lead times. We are in close contact with our shipping partners and will advise our customers of any widespread issues affecting delivery.

We encourage you to reach out to us at if you have any questions or concerns about us, our team, or our products.



Our team is currently working hard on getting the right supplies for your hotel at this time.

In need of these items? Let us know and we will contact you when they are available.

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