sanitation guest roomsGuests visiting your hotel come from all walks of life and all parts of the world; there is no way to control where your guests are coming from. As we watch the global pandemic unfold, it is clear there are differences in case count and acceleration of spread from city to city. Because of this, guests visiting from certain areas of the country may put those from other, more stable, areas at risk. To keep each and every guest as safe as possible, it is vital to understand the need to clean guest rooms thoroughly, and what extra steps should be taken between visits to ensure a safe environment.

How to Clean Efficiently

Deep-cleaning every room in your hotel is a laborious process. A solution that is quick, but highly effective? UV Sanitation Carts. These portable carts emit a short-wave germicidal UV light, which sanitizes everything in the room, and can kill 99.9% of viruses in 25 minutes. This cleaning method doesn’t leave a residue like other cleaners and can make the disinfection process much less time-consuming. A study from UltraViolet Devices Inc. has shown that coronaviruses are highly susceptible to UV irradiation, making UV Sanitation carts a valuable asset to your hotel’s arsenal of personal protective equipment.
Running a UV Cart through each room and targeting high-touch areas is the recommended method of use. Focus on doors, tables, beds, and any other major areas of the room to make sure you are optimizing your use of the cart. These types of sanitation carts can also be effective to use in your high-traffic areas, such as lobbies and restaurants.

clean guest roomHow to Ensure Thorough Cleaning

Once you run a UV Sanitation Cart through each guest room, go back into hand-clean specific areas that have many crevices or may have been difficult for the cart to reach. Double-check that the disinfectants you use are EPA-approved to effectively fight off COVID-19. As always, it is essential to wear a face shield or mask while deep cleaning. This will protect you from germs, bacteria, and any harmful odors from cleaning products.

How to Keep Guests Informed

After you have conducted a thorough cleaning, you should keep guests informed about the steps you are taking to keep them safe. When sending guests a confirmation email, include a section detailing the sanitation methods you are using in their rooms. Additionally, using a “cleaned and sealed” door tape can help reassure guests that you are taking necessary precautions to provide a clean space.
A successful hotel reopening needs to include thorough cleaning and sanitizing to keep guests safe. Having proper PPE in place is vital to keep everyone protected and keep your hotel functioning efficiently.steps to sanatize guest room

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